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  1. haha well done Vogon. I did the same scientific method, but i was thinking my next guess was 107.
  2. Awesome! Thanks fellas. Well, reading between the lines , my second guess is..... 105
  3. i don't have face book so i haven't joined in on the guess. Looked you up on Instagram but you just have a location and no page First guess 100 even If its not valid, fair game
  4. Not saying i'm a pro, VERY far from it. But 6 years ago I caught my first 2 snapper in metro waters. The next 2 seasons were relatively consistent (at best maybe 25 fish). The past 3-4 years if we came back with 12 fish total, i'd say we'd be lucky (with the largest being a 2-3kg specimen). I've been saying it for many years, REC fishers have a very minor if not nothing to do with the demise of the fish stocks. Not all of us catch 1 let alone our limit when we go out. Not all of us have the big boats that can go out when the sea is average. The average REC fisher works 5-6 days a week and is limited to go out when the weather is good (mainly during the week it seems of late). All the 'Pro's' know where the fish are. They do it everyday when seas permit. But the long liners are a different kettle of fish. Once the sun goes down, they do what they want and where they want. I've seen them long line at Grange and at the Glenelg TR when season opens for the first 4 weeks. These should be off limits to the long liners. These were created for the Rec fishers! The government should be creating man made reefs all around the coast to give ALL species a chance to hide and reproduce rather than select places. Only a matter of time till the pro's find them with the quality of sounders that are out today and only getting better. And it should be the same with the PRO crab boat too. Makes me sick seeing 50ft+ boat hauling 2x2m cages every 200m so close to metro waters. This too has repercussions to the snapper stocks as its a food source for the snapper. Ok end of rant. Savage
  5. i bet it wasn't worked on for 6 weeks and was completed in 2-3 days
  6. That buys them another 28 days
  7. Must have had a delay..... gone fishing
  8. I have 2 pairs of designated fishing spotters sunnies that i tried on and bought. If your using them for fishing mainly, try them on. at some stage, you'll look down into the water and if they are not a 'snug fit' you'll lose them at some stage. Bought my first pair atleast 6 years ago at Whitworths and the second pair, 3 years ago at the 4wd and boat show for 20% off. Virtually scratch resistant and cops salt water spray on a regular basis but after a clean, back to brand new. Sure, your looking at around $200 for a pair of sunnies but if you use them constantly, its a good investment. Just wait for for someone to have a 20% off storewide sale
  9. I wonder how the conversation went... If you exclude us from 2 new zones, let us rape the zone that has always been been off limits. oh ok deal!!!! Just ban all 3 zones and be done with it!! The pro's have screwed themselves, by over fishing from previous years and are now crying as there are no fish and cant make a 'living'! How serious are they about 'preserving the fish stocks for our grandchildren to catch one day'. Not that serious by the sounds of it.
  10. Hi David,

    I would love to take the opportunity to grab 3kilo worth of your sinkers.

    10x 30g

    24x 45g

    27x 60g

    I can come pick them up at Woodville West today after work if that suits?


  11. I have only used carp for crab bait before and my usual catch rate during peak time was not met and therefore, vowed never to use it again (this was probably due to the pro's raping the area but hey ). In terms of burley, i'd like to say no however, i dont make my own and have bought the 'burley blocks' from Ray & Annes and Tackleworld. I have some suspicion there would be traces of carp in them.
  12. This video is out of Victoria! It makes me sick to know that in Victoria, arguably the 2 most desired / targeted species in snapper and KGW, have a legal limit of 27cm at 28cm!!!! I dont understand how you could get that excited over a 28cm pinky. A 33cm whiting will fight harder than a 28cm pinky but anyway. I have no doubt you will catch them on Carp flesh. As others have said above, if snapper are hungry, they will eat anything I'm no snapper expert but have caught them on all sorts of baits; Silver whiting, tommies, KGW frames, mackeral, yacs, squid, pilchards, garfish. My dad is old school and his side of the boat will always be baited. i have invested in some decent tackle and on my side I use soft plastics (Zmans or gulps). I jig and reel at times but alot of the times it's sitting in the rod holder and the waves do the rest while i tie new rigs and hooks. In the past 4 years i can honestly say it'll be a 1:5 ratio for us. If we catch a snapper (which isn't every outing i might add), majority of the time the soft plastics will win. Only that 1 time we will catch on bait. I might also add that the 'dropped fish' rate is also quite alarming. The soft plastics rarely foul hook or drop a fish with only 3 fish lost in 7 seasons (1 wind against tide and lost the fish at the surface due to getting hooked to the anchor rope, 1 being bit through the leader and 1 i managed to get it half way up and lost. Apologies if i may have hi-jacked the carp thread, just looking at it from another perspective and to knock the Victorians
  13. I saw this website along time ago. Is he still operating as the website and photo's are about 10years old?
  14. I wish i had this problem I've only had the pleasure of having this problem once in about 5 years. As mentioned above, we just used a standard fine tooth hand saw (cleaned ofcourse). At the end of the day, you will still cook out any slight germs that may stick around.
  15. I may be mistaken, but that Blue ugly stick Gold, would be one of the last ones made in the US before they went and made them in Asia somewhere. Tough as nails and would have been worth around 120-180, new 15 years ago. I bought mine about 15 years ago at Got One Tapleys Hill Road Seaton.
  16. My ultimate rod / combo that i just cant get enough of at the moment is 6'10 G loomis NRX with a 2500 Shimano Sustain spooled with 10lb power pro with 12lb suffix fluorocarbon leader. it's caught all the bread and butter species that we fish for, it's so light yet so strong (snapper, squid, whiting, snook, garfish and have bought up a 8-10kg gummy shark which i ended up loosing after i had it in the landing net) Would love to put a Stella on it but cant justify $1000+ for recreational fishing.
  17. I was pretty confident about the Fish offal / blood etc. cheers for that Kon. However, this is a new one that i haven't read before.... Never use leftover or uncooked seafood sold for human consumption, such as prawns, abalone, crabs, oysters, as bait or berley as it has the potential to spread aquatic diseases. It should be noted that these types of aquatic diseases have no impact on humans. I must admit, i've bought prawn shells and heads on the boat before for berley. I'm a little dumb founded with this one to be honest. i would have thought once the prawns have been boiled that any diseases would be 'cooked off' so to speak. Well, now i know and will be dumping the left overs in the bin. But thinking about it, whats with the crabs also?? You think the fish (whether its a snapper, squid, octopus etc) ask if the crabs or prawns have any diseases before they attack them?? Seriously!! What a load of rubbish.
  18. From my understanding, as long as its all FISH products, you can put as much blood, guts, flesh in the water as you want. In terms of the oil process, i'd imagine it'll be a similar process to crushing olives for olive oil. They'll get all the fish offal (because i doubt it'll all be 'tuna'), crush it and then squeeze the juice out of it. depending on what type of fish they put, will depend on the colour. Like the olive oil, there is all types of colours yellow, greens etc My 2 cents about it anyway
  19. The clear Savage jig i use with great affect. Some squid do get a little spooked by the legs and will go and touch it and freak out, but others engulf it. Nice and organised too Kelvin
  20. the attchment didnt work. try again
  21. Im in the same boat as PP. I dont think colour matters a whole deal. its about technique and being in the zone. I've watched the pro's out at marino a number of times and i guarantee you, they wont spend 20-30 bucks on jags with uv, fluorescent rubbish etc. they know the areas they hang around in, they have the techniques and know the water column where they'll sit and will probably have the $2 to $5 jags on their hand lines. they throw out about 3 hand lines and i reckon i've definitely seen green and pink ones thrown out but are the old school cloth types. In saying this i do spend upto $30 bucks on jags if i like the look / shape of it its an addiction haha. Dad and i have MANY jags in our tackle box (old, new, fish like etc) but we alternate between about 4 now. If a squid is REAL finicky, i'll drop to a small 1.5 as Kelvin mentioned. I've used 1 squid jag for that many years that the side 'fins' have disappeared but it still catches squid in abundance and cant find them anymore. I bought atleast 5 in all colors at the time and only have 2 left if any one knows a shop that still has them, i'd be keen to stock up again
  22. i've always wanted to try the Nathan skute. Cant wait to hear your report. Are you fishing metro snapperhead or if memory serves me correctly up at Pirie?
  23. very interesting and eye opening the video
  24. Not a lot of weed around the Brighton Jetty these days, unless you were in the North Western corner of the 'T'. I would say yesterday would have been quite busy down there and as a first time Squidder, you probably stayed away from the crowded end and stuck to the middle of the jetty.... This area is all sandy (not saying you cant catch squid here, just a fair lesser chance) which unless you know the area, you would never know due to the murky waters still. I reckon you let excess line out and the jag was sitting on the sandy bottom in yesterdays case.
  25. I understand and fully support the licence, ONLY IF the funds go straight back into the fishing sector eg; education and development, officers, better boat ramps, more artificial reefs etc with-in a 12 - 24 month period. The only fear is that we pay all this cash for it to sit in an account gathering interest and nothing coming back eg the boat levy.