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  1. My initial reaction was - Dolphins are too smart to take lures and baits with hooks in them. Maybe they were getting Jagged? So I googled it - turns out people have hooked them on live baits and lures, a few mentioned dirty water and bait frenzies - and the young ones are the most likely to hit a lure. My brief bit of googling suggests its not common but it does happen.
  2. Yeah I was getting my hand held throughout the process and was just blindly following advice. I didnt really know why they were suggesting this versus that - I just did what I was told I was hesitant to reply because I didnt have alot to add.
  3. I went down the replace with carbontex route - but I'd already done way too much damage to save my lightly built diawa freams 0.5mm sheet of carbontex was recommended to me for my 3000 freams - the little black rectangle on the left was about $20 - just be very particular about cutting out your disks - I tried to just get it done quick and wasted a bit of the sheet due to not staying inside the lines Sorry I cant be of more assistance as I only got half way through the fix before realising my reel was too far gone http://www.downriggershop.com.au/car...g-washers
  4. yeah if your drags are going through heavy settings its important to check that all the grease hasnt beeen squeezed out - other wise stuff gets bent and scratched when you just keep cranking the knob instead of regreasing the felt
  5. Ahh gotcha - I was told wider spools cast further - so I jumped up from 1500 to 2500. I cant remember ever actually testing it but I got the impression it was true. And my experiences with Alvey reels made me think the wider the better. The less the distance between the line and the spool lip - the easier it slips over that lip while casting. So a larger spool means more line has to slip off before it starts bumping hard on the spool lip. Im sure theres a limit to how wide a spool can be before it starts bringing its own problems. But i havent had issues with 2500's
  6. The park never lies as long as you are asking a fair question
  7. Heres some stuff Ive heard or tried for long casting with bream gear Lightest line you can possibly get away with FG Knots Filling spool dangerously close to the lip Smooth casting action, so lures dont tumble in the air or just use lures that arent prone to tumbling and are slightly heavier. Having a rod correctly matched to the lures you throw most often Ive been told long rods are the go -but Ive never gone much longer than 7 foot. Long casting surf and carp spinning reels tend to have long, fat spools and I remember the super fat alveys being a great dist
  8. Nice one SurfcaztR. I remember going to a salt water fish farm in Ballina and thinking - this is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel - it definitely wasnt. The owner asked me what lb leader i planned to use - I said 8lb - he said - you wont get a touch on lures unless you use 4lb. These fish have seen every lure and presentation imaginable. Of course I had to test the theory - only took 45mins to realise 4lb leaders might be the best choice - it made a big difference. That visit was a bit of an eye opener - at a fish farm where they arent fed live food - their food d
  9. Nice one Love the set up I was convinced by an old flounder guru to make a 2 pronged, heavy spear with long spear shafts and no barbs. Its a serious weapon that worked much better than I though it would. He reckoned barbs on the shaft, just slow you down when removing fish and I found that to be true aswell - and the extra weight really helps drive the spear home on those "One inch Punch" style jabs. Especially on boney headed flathead Your set up looks great - just putting up another option for the diy spear.
  10. Yeah Chicken wings are phenomenal - its just hard to know when you have had enough
  11. I went through a sweet chilli phase that lasted many years - Id put it on anything including fish - when it caramelizes on the edge of a shallow fried whiting fillet - its a taste sensation. You do need salt to even it out though
  12. Just spotted this spice mix - could be interesting
  13. Yeah torches and batteries have come so far over recent years - if I looked at the specs on my 6 year old flounder light, theres no way I would buy it again today. While its still effective, its only 250 lumens, which isnt a bright light. But i imagine the low lumens, is what gives it its 5 hour run time and you have to keep that in mind for a flounder light As long as you can find a dive light with enough flood in it - and one that could maintain peak performance for a few hours on one set of batteries - a dive or waterproof torch would be a very solid option. With the $75 I pa
  14. originally I just bent some pvc pipe and strapped a cheap dive torch to it - but things got out of hand pretty quick after that - I put a bend in the shaft so I could hook it over my shoulder when I needed 2 hands to removed fish from my spear
  15. Light weight and hydrodynamic is much more important than I thought it would be when putting this monstrosity together I ended up buying the one these skinny yellow battery operated ones the guys use in the video but lost interest in it and never used it - I just turned it on then and the batteries still worked so it has very little drain over the years
  16. When you're built like me - Breathability is a big factor
  17. May aswell round out the collection with a 50mm pvc pipe unit. Saved myself 3 bucks with a fiddly bits spray can lid and gaffer tape "end cap" - if it proves itself, I might splurge on a real one
  18. Yeah you cant get a better endorsement than that - There really is some magic going on with those shirts I was a bit Skeptical when Buying my new fishing shirt - It didnt make sense these new shirts could be cooler than cotton. I wouldnt have even bought it if I didnt have a voucher, I didnt know what to buy with. I was always told cotton was the best - and for a long time it probably was - but the breathability claims of cotton now have some serious competition. The newer polyester shirts are well worth checking out. I just went outside and blew air through the 2 s
  19. Dont forget the bottom half either. These are great for sunburnt legs and take up very little room in a tackle bag
  20. heres a shot of a variety of different hats in the same conditions. Im wearing the White Greg Chappell cricket hat - (similar to the Grey Nichols in the middle of wide brim hat picture below) As you can see - my new Ali express is much wider and offers even more protection
  21. My hats have also evolved - I used to wear baseball caps but they basically just shade your eyes - and often thats all you need. But if you are out in real sun - super wide brims are where its at. It amazing how much cooler you stay when direct sun isnt blasting your shoulders aswell. This huge brim from ali express is very well made and collapsable - so you can pack it easily in a suitcase.
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