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  1. Yeah, most cost effective fishing purchase I ever made was like a 2km (sounds like way too much, cannot remember now, exact, but was heaps) bulk spool of 6lb Rouge mono. It is actually really good straight through for surface luring, alows you to tie direct, no dramas about leader. I am sure it is just a matter of time untill one of the large flathead I catch as bycatch, breaks me off, but so far so good. AS long as you are not using Tiny 1000 sized reels, I find 6lb mono casts fine, not as far as gliss, but far enough. Some people say too big, but I like 3000 sized shimano',s on a 1-3kg 0r 2-4kg rod for tossing Sugapens, and the GOAT surface lure; the lucky craft SAmmy 65. I absolutely agree about the Alvey style wading bag, I happen to use a Hessian version from BCF, with the added bonus that wet HEssian keeps the catch cool, for a fair while anyway. BEst part is that you can rest/balance the reel against the openeing of the bag, as it (the bag, not the reel) sits across your shoulder and re-tie, easy peasy while on/in the water.