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  1. Not doing anything fancy here like making the vinegar, we`re pickling/preserving scallops/razorfish the fast,easy, cheap way, eliminating the need for refrigeration. We usually had large numbers to take home after a month away & the caravan fridge was very small. You can buy white vinegar from Costco for under $3 for 5 litres. You can get rid of most of the vinegar taste by removing them from the jar/container & sitting them on paper towel for a few minutes. The paper towel absorbs a good deal of the vinegar & then we used to do whatever we liked with `em from there. Cheers
  2. Put the boiled/cooked scallop meat into a jar/container & add enough white vinegar to cover them. Done !!
  3. Hey Panga, used to scallop/razor-fish dive a lot around Pt Vincent when I was younger & we used to pickle `em in jars of white vinegar after boiling `em up. If you want to cook `em up in breadcrumbs or similar just leave `em on a saucer/plate out of the jar for a short period & then do whatever you want with `em as the vinegar dissipates a lot when they`re removed. The vinegar pickles `em & extends their shelf life to basically the life of the vinegar. Have had them in jars for over a year & good as gold. My favourite was to slice `em up & put on fresh bread with pepper on `em. Scallop/razor-fish sannies are UNREAL. Had my own hookah so we used to get more than you could eat at any one time, & by pickling them no need to refrigerate & they can be stored for long periods to be consumed long after the holidays were over. Same applies to crab meat, although I never seemed to have that many crabs accumulated that didn`t get eaten, put in jars & survived the holidays & the trip home. Cheers
  4. Looks like the piccie has done a runner. Will attempt to find it & post it back up. Anyone been able to knock this bad boy off yet ? 10 Lb / Just over 4.5 Kg. & 106.5cm in length. Cheers ppl.
  5. Unfortunately the pathetic response from rec fishers to the recent government attempt to ask what we wanted pretty much summed up the reason for what happens. Out of about 280K rec fishers, 800 or so turned up at the community consultations and about 1500 bothered to fill in the questionaires. Trust funds do not ensure protection of monies from abuse, many a lawyer has diddled their trust fund & I have had first hand experience of it when my mother passed.
  6. And if I`m right the REC Fishing Licence would just add to the amount of dollars these morons have to throw around on their own reckless/ideological stupidity. Cheers
  7. Further to my earlier post I neglected to say the marine biologists reckon we have 14 square kilometres of desert out from the treatment works at Bolivar, If we`ve got that much that is desert then how much is severely affected ? & What the hell is the point of sanctuary zones/marine parks/ increased size limits/reduced bag limits/licence buy-backs etc etc. It`s all just political/politicised crap to make it look like they`re doing something, it`s grandstanding to the uninformed masses who`ve never fished a day in their life or put their head underwater but like the sound of the ideological rhetoric, all to buy votes & it ain`t gonna change coz the bastards are all tarred with the same brush. Cheers ppl.
  8. Unless fishing licences raise enough to fix the pollution of Upper GSV by Bolivar treatment works then IMO it`s just another waste of time/money/effort. Sick to death of it. We treat the damn gulf which is the most important breeding area in the state like a sewer & then wonder why we`ve got issues/problems. Fishing effort by rec`s & commercials alike has dropped since I was a youngster, it is far more "managed/regulated" now than it has ever been, decreased bag limits, fewer anglers, increased size limits BUT WE`RE STILL GOING BACKWARDS, IF YOU BELIEVE THE SCIENCE. WHY ? Could it be the experts/advisors are not focusing on the real cause of the problem ? I have mainly fished the area from NH/OH north to Goannas for 50+ years as rec & commercial fisherman & it`s like desert nowadays. I have also been an avid scuba diver/snorkeller. Large rocks that held massive schools are almost devoid of anything these days, including baitfish, I see the same thing everywhere these days with underwater cameras & top of the line sounders. I have a huge number of grounds in the Pt Gawler/Goannas area that are almost barren/rarely have any fish (kgw) on `em. The rocks are still there, the sea-floor isn`t torn up, the corkweed etc all appears to be intact, so what`s going on ? There appears to be a lot of smothering/low growing weed like a carpet over the top of a lot of the bottom up that way. Have even seen it out 12 miles offshore on an area my old man took me to as a kid. Am told by marine biologists that it`s a result of too many/much nutrients in the water, & it originates from Bolivar. So the Gov`t knows, but is broke (as with all Labor Gov`ts) & in order to be seen to be doing something/score a few cheap political points they up size limits & reduce bag limits etc etc periodically & still we`re go backwards. They won`t do anything about Bolivar coz they`ve got no money, & they know it`ll cost squillions & then decades for the gulf to recover after they fix the pollution, & they`d rather spend it on stuff that is visible like new ovals,hospitals etc, "feel good stuff" that they can then say "I / We built that, aren`t we good, this is my legacy" to buy election results. Upgrading or building a new Sewage Treatment Plant is not going to buy them a lot of votes so they keep on with the same old same old until there`s no fish left. SO FOR ME, THEY CAN STUFF A REC FISHING LICENCE WHERE THE SUN DON`T SHINE COZ IT WILL NOT MAKE ONE IOTA OF DIFFERENCE IMO. Cheers
  9. Many many years ago there was a 25 footer (over 7.5 m if my math is correct) displayed in an alcohol bath/aquarium on the back of a semi-trailer at the Wayville Showgrounds. It was one of the biggest ever caught supposedly. I remember thinking it was like a damn submarine with teeth. Cheers ppl.
  10. Nice explanation Rod. Absolutely correct, the final stage fingers are like a sharpening steel & do re-align the edge. No guessing of angles like with an ordinary steel though. Have been using this system for close to 2 decades now & you`d never know from looking at my knives that they are not brand new/good as the day they were made. Definitely no degradation from "scraping". I have several brands of filleting knives as well as my bone - handled knives, (Marttini, Kershaw, F. Dick & sons from Germany,Scanpan,Buck, Mundial, Furi). Some I bought, some I inherited, all different blade lengths/shapes to suit different applications,horses for courses so to speak. All are sharpened on the Furi sharpening system & all of `em are razor sharp, & it`s so easy to keep `em that way. As Rod said, I too found the Furi system a little slow when starting from scratch with a bone handled butter knife so that is why I resorted to the method I described previously using my Dremel & the tungsten carbide "v" block pocket sharpener to put the edge on the bone handled knives. I have also shaped some of my bone-handled knives with a point & done away with the rounded end. This was done on a linishing belt not with a grinder, as was pointed out by Brenton, if you use a grinder the steel may become red hot, making it brittle & prone to rusting, effectively it is no longer "stainless" . Cheers ppl.
  11. Hey ppl, a while back I posted similar to what I`ve posted up on this site on FishinSA, a number of people bought the Furi system on my recommendation including Rod, not one of those dozen or so people have said to me that they don`t agree that it is the easiest, most fool-proof system for keeping knives razor sharp that they have ever used or seen. Anyone can use the Furi system, all you have to do is be able to pull your knife thru the fingers horizontally. There is no guessing of angles as with most other sharpening systems, the fingers hold the blade constantly at the correct angle, all you have to do is pull the blade thru the fingers whilst keeping it as upright as possible. Literally anyone that isn`t blind can get a razors edge on a knife using this system. I have tried all manner of sharpeners & once you own this one you`ll wonder how the hell you ever put up with the others. I cannot recommend them any more highly than I already have. Cheers
  12. This is what I used to set the initial blade angle when first attempting to get an edge on my bone handled kitchen knives,along with my Dremel with a small course sanding drum . It is drawn towards the operator with the knife lying flat / horizontally, it is quicker than the Furi system for this process as it removes more metal per stroke. So first of all I just started with the Dremel to get a tapered/bevelled edge,compared it with another knife to get some sort of idea of the required angle, then used the hand-drawn 20 degree angle sharpener to get the angle closer to what it needs to be. Once a decent bevelled edge is achieved then use the FURI & you`ll wonder why you ever used other methods. This type of sharpener is available from camping stores & army disposal stores for between $10 & $20 last time I looked, I still carry it for quick repairs of badly dulled/chipped blades. Cheers ppl.
  13. Hey ppl, as Rod says I use a Furi / 3 stage sharpener & it is without a doubt the easiest way to sharpen a knife I have come across in my lifetime. I have any number of different oil-stones floating around out in my shed & they haven`t seen daylight in over 15 years. I too used an Accusharp to initially get the angle close to what I wanted before using the Furi system. Any " v " type sharpener with an angle of 15 to 20 degrees will get you started. The one I used & still have is one I carried in my back-pack when hiking/camping but now resides in my boat & it is drawn towards the operator with the blade upside down on its back, has a protective finger guard on it & it removes a fair amount of metal with each pass /stroke depending on the pressure applied. The " v " shaped sharpener blades are tungsten carbide. Will post up a piccie. Once you get the angle good to go the Furi system is fool-proof, & the fastest way to get & maintain a razor sharp edge, I usually sharpen around 10 knives in under 10 minutes depending on how blunt the other half has made `em. When checking to see how sharp they are I usually test by shaving the back of my hand/arm, won`t shave my hand clean just like a razor it ain`t sharp enough. Cannot recommend this system highly enough. The old bone-handled knives made in Sheffield/England have some of the best stainless steel ever made in them & it`s easy to get a razor`s edge on `em, they hold their edge well also. Not keen on electric sharpeners as they tend to remove a lot of metal each time they are used. Cheers.
  14. JAYMAN, excuses excuses excuses, it`s got nothing to do with how long the battery lasts "normally" or how long it sat on the shelf. You failed to check it, & it all has to do with your attitude not theirs. The authorities see the same lousy attitude from everybody they caution /fine. Time to take responsibility for your actions IMO. Cheers
  15. @ Jayman, unless your phone floats it does not meet the standard required for marine torches & as such you had no excuse. Law is the law whether you like it or not. I`d consider you were very lucky to get off with a warning, but you evidently are peeed off enough to gripe about their "revenue raising". If the flares are expired they`re expired (even if only 2 weeks out of date), near enough ain`t good enough IMO. Astounds me in this life that so many ppl bitch about this stuff when they know they`re in the wrong. It`s all about attitude to authority it seems to me. It`s VOLUNTARY TAXATION, all you have to do to avoid paying is follow the rules, if you don`t, you pay & I don`t have a problem with that. Cheers ppl.