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  1. EGINewbie

    EGI Rod advice

    Also do you think there is much of a difference between the 2 and 4 piece Crostage? Ray and Annes has the 4 piece 8'6" Crostage but no 2 piece. Would you lose much sensitivity? any draw backs to the 4 piece?
  2. EGINewbie

    EGI Rod advice

    How do you think the crostage compares to the Daiwa Emeraldas 83ML as it gets plenty of great reviews on another forum and is similarly priced?
  3. EGINewbie

    EGI Rod advice

    I cant find many of these around and they are certainly a lot more than $179 when I do
  4. EGINewbie

    EGI Rod advice

    Hi, not looking to start a debate over whether an egi rod is warranted as I have made the decision I would like to get one but am looking for some advice as to which to get. I fish from the jetty mainly or beach and looking to spend around $150 and have narrowed it down to these 2-3 Major Craft Solpara 8'3" SPS832E N.S Black Hole Blackwater 8'3" S832ML Both can be had for $150, any thoughts on which is better and why would be greatly appreciated. Is the Samaki EGI Inked 8'6" worth the extra $50 at rrp $200? Thanks for your help.