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  1. Ul Love it its a top spot..Well, top spots
  2. Some nice ones there, iv got one on the shoulder, and going to get another with my kids names. Want to make my own design
  3. Disgusting... Pity there were no cameras around to catch the creeps in action
  4. 3 winners, thats just shame shame shame............ :dry:
  5. carps wrote: Im starting to wonder, got some yabbies to put in my tank with the turtle, cut there nippers off and im sure they felt it, sure of it.. If not why would they be upside down :ohmy: :S Wont be doing that again..
  6. Come on Mrs Scaley Uv Mr Scaley let him over take ya..Thats a No No
  7. Saw The Fisheries out at the fence line today, Fisheries truck parked , one bloke, 2 sheilas decked out in diving suites WTF??? What they looking for ??
  8. Ill second that nev...Morning, Lunch and Evening..
  9. quicky wrote: lmao!! Yep I certainly second that...
  10. Softy wrote: Ill second that too, my uncle has a farm over there and they are bad, rabbits too..
  11. :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: Nice Knowin u.. :dry: QUANTAS