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  1. I fished down a long way, would have been close to 2 metres. I had a second rod on the bottom, but mainly focused on garnish. I was there from around 5am so it was completely dark when I started.
  2. Used Gents Berley - had a berley pot, would have limited the amount if I had ever got a bite Set up, general rod with 10lb braid and 8lb flourscarbon rig Float - could not quite set it up like I usually do, standing straight up in the water because my head light was not working and I could not see exactly how the float was sitting in the water. Hook - size 10 Rod - 7'0", perhaps a little heavier but I use it as a general rod. Reel - 2500 So it seems I always go at the wrong time, well I work, I have others things I do, I don't have a great deal of choice when I can go.
  3. I changed the depth of my bait a number of times, but as it was rough I was not right near the surface.
  4. I am very frustrated because when I go to try and catch a feed of fish it does not happen. I have caught garfish before, not in huge numbers, do not expect to land based, but I expect to catch something. So yesterday I went to Semaphore. I chose Semaphore because the report on here said garfish were being caught off the jetty, the tide and wind would be going in the same direction allowing me to fish in a berley trail. I made up some berley, I used gents as bait. I adjusted the depth I was fishing, I do not know what I could have done differently, YET NOTHING HAPPENED. I fished over two hours of the incoming high tide and NOTHING HAPPENED. My float just sat there and nothing happened. I have no idea what to do differently, does anyone else?
  5. I will post some stuff later. Feeling really tired and very disappointed.
  6. I have used those red or blue sinker clips for running rigs to test knots, perhaps they could be used to tension these knots in lighter lines.
  7. It certainly looks the goods but at its price I doubt it is worth it. Kelvin's idea certainly seems worth trying and costs nothing, it could be just as good.
  8. Doobie it is not a true recipe unless you tell us how much of each ingredient to put in.
  9. Yeah, sugar was something I would have never thought of as well. I also jumped the wrong way with Mustard or Parmesan.
  10. Well done Kelvin, congratulations on winning the competition.