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  1. Spot on Chimay, you know your beaches.
  2. I was in Coffin Bay a few days ago and spoke to a bloke who had caught some decent YFW with cockles off the beach at Encounter Bay. No weed on the beach that I could see, but it looked like a magic spot.
  3. snafu

    Jetty fire

    There has been a bit of finger pointing towards a couple of blokes who come down from Alice Springs each year around his time. They usually bring a heap of fireworks with them (legally bought in the NT) to stir the locals. Proving that it was them may not be easy though.
  4. snafu

    Jetty fire

    Earliest estimate is 30 to 40 grand in repairs. Fully closed.
  5. Got up early this morning to try for a squid or two off the Smoky Bay jetty only to find that it was burning. Ratbags playing with fireworks last night must have started the fire and it had been smouldering for hours. I rang 000 and the local CFA unit responded very fast, but the damage meant that burnt planks had to be removed making the jetty a safety hazard. Who knows when it will be repaired.
  6. Permits are definitely required, we were stopped at a police checkpoint alongside the fruit fly quarantine at Oodla Wirra today where an officer ran the permit numbers through the SAPOL computer.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up, it will give me enough time to set up a defensive perimeter around my camp to keep all the disease ridden crow eaters at bay.
  8. Not really a problem for us SurfcaztR, the wife and I are both retired and our car/caravan rig is set up for long term trips. The last trip we did to SA was only supposed to be for 3 weeks to look at buying a house in Smoky Bay, but we ended up staying there for a bit over 6 months. I can think of worse places to be in lockdown if there is another outbreak. We recently spent a couple of months up around Cooktown and met quite a few SA travellers who had decided to stay in Qld for the duration of the Covid crisis and most of them had the same outlook, they invariably said that they co
  9. I worked in Port Lincoln for a while back in the early 90's and fished around Coffin Bay area a bit, but work interfered with my fishing too much back then.
  10. I want to follow the coastline around the Yorke Peninsula, never fished there yet and then over to Smoky for a month and possibly a couple of weeks at Fowlers plus a couple of favourite spots west of there. The weather will be determining factor as it always is with fishing trips.
  11. Maybe you're right there Softy, it happened at light speed so it had to be an automated response. At the moment, South Oz travellers need a permit to enter Qld, but seeing as I'm going to be down your way on a fishin' mission until April, I'll sort the return journey out when the time comes.
  12. I went online yesterday morning to apply for an entry permit into SA from Qld via NSW and I had no sooner clicked the submit button when I received an email from SAPOL advising that the application was approved - wow, that is super efficient processing at it's best.
  13. I've been using the J Braid Grande 10 & 20lb in Island blue for a while and I like it, good abrasion resistance and hold knots as good as any other I've used. No reason to believe that the lighter lines would not share the same qualities. The blue colour took a bit of getting used to after using mainly yellow for years, but it's become my preferred colour now due to it's low visibility below the surface. I've also switched over to using J Braid Thread FC, a good tough leader.
  14. I'm the same HBt, I don't like clutter and because I mainly fish with soft plastics, I only take with me what I need for the session - a couple of packets of sp's, a small tackle box with a selection of jigheads to suit the fish I am targeting, a small spool of fc leader, braid scissors and a knife. It all goes into an old canvas army sling bag, easy to carry and easy to get at things. My gear at home is neatly stored in trays for lures etc, rods stored in purpose built racks and reels kept in various padded containers all marked with type, model and line description. If I get a phone cal
  15. Yeah, I've got nothing to moan about Doobie, the fishing is good, the weather is generally okay and there's no virus up here in FNQ, so why would I want to leave the place and head to South Oz? I guess the answer to that is KGW, calamari and blue crabs - definitely worth the 8,000km round trip.
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