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  1. Softy


    I'm surprised those rocks are not jammed packed with fishos from all the awesome reports you put up..
  2. Softy

    Strike hook stickers

  3. Softy

    Strike hook stickers

    Just to clarify are these a rectangle sticker? Or just a outline of the wording/logo? Sorry it that question seems stupid.
  4. Softy

    West lakes bream

    I have a few times back in the day.. have to be careful tho some residents treat them as pets, I've even had a bottle thrown at me once lol Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. Softy

    Strike hook stickers

    I come to my senses.. Wanna buy it? I do have someone coming on Saturday to buy some parts from it tho!
  6. Softy

    Where to live

    I wouldn't let you put that off Pt Vic.. even knowing that... i'd live there no worries.
  7. Softy

    Strike hook stickers

    Just got the tape measure out. Make it 40cm [emoji57] Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  8. Softy

    Strike hook stickers

    I'd be keen for something myself.. about 25-30cm wide for the barn door on the Patrol.
  9. Softy

    Where to live

    Pt Vic would be my pick if it was me. It is in the Middle of Yorkes so no matter what way you want to go fishing you are half way there. It is a great little town that is pretty easy going.. Not a lot there just the kiosk and general store which i reckon has fuel, no big servo, the pub is bloody fantastic, I've had many great nights there. The fishing there is fantastic in close then if you go out wide past Wardang Island (no issues in your boat) there are some big fish and squid to be had. Only down side there is an Aboriginal camp at Pt Pierce and they come into town to get booze, sometimes cause trouble but the locals usually sort them out. You have to be on the ball at the ramp or end up on rocks.. But any experienced captain will be fine. Second would be Ards.. It is a bit closer to Adelaide and has a lot more stores if that is your thing... Some great snapper there on a handful of drops but every knows them and they get hit hard from the locals and the people from Adelaide as it's only an hour and a bit out of Adelaide on the road and about the same if you head over the gulf in the boat from St Kilda, Which i have been lucky enough to do a few times with members on here. The servo has the best fried chicken and sausage rolls too!! Third would be Wallaroo. Plenty of stores and services, good fishing but from what i have been told there is a fair drug problem in these parts.. Kadina is the ICE capital of Yorkes apparently which is spreading like wildfire and invading WallyWorld... Just this week on the news there was a massive issue there where someone pulled a gun on the cops and they locked the town down pretty much. If you want total isolation Marion Bay. Hope this helps and makes sense Cheers.
  10. Softy

    Protecting Boat lisence

    When i got mine from motoreg they folded it in half and laminated it for me.. Fits in the note part of my wallet good enough.. 6 years and still fine.
  11. Softy

    Port River dredging

    I see our lovely government have signed off to start doing this in a few months and dumping the toxic crap out in the gulf of SV [emoji35] http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-29/port-river-dredging-to-go-ahead-despite-environmental-concerns/9810570 Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  12. Softy

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    I'll bring my double swag.
  13. Softy

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Keen for some Yorkes trips Banga.. Been a while since we have got out!
  14. Softy

    Who's fishing over Easter?

    They didn't get me... Not that they can keep up with the mighty ZD30 powered Patrol!
  15. Softy

    Who's fishing over Easter?

    I have Friends coming over from melb in a couple of weeks and dragging there boat along.. hopefully I can find that spot lol Sent from my Pixel