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    Knot help please

    Hi Vogon, with the lighter line i used just hand tension, ensuring the line is wet before final tensioning. I think when i did the heavier line i just wrapped the lines around some small dowel rods 5-6 times and pulled as hard as i could. As others have said in the topic, there are probably better, stronger knots, but I learnt this one a while back and it worked fine.
  2. imfishn

    Knot help please

    Hi Vogon, I have used the same knots as you, the Albright Knot on all my rods, both for light fishing 4lb to 15lb lines, and also for heavier surf rod up to 50lb braid and leader, and it has held up with no problem, without ever unravelling. I have found it the easiest of the knots to tie Braid to leaders, and like yourself tried the Double Uni and FG but never succeeded. The only thing I can think of is whether you are perhaps winding/looping the leader over the Braid, rather than the Braid being wound over the leader ( I hope that makes sense ) I think I made that error once and it unra
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    Great information for everyone there Doobie
  4. Very courageous man indeed, well done on getting your lures back.
  5. imfishn

    My Squid Rig

    Great information you have shared there MAH. Thank you
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