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  1. That LOOKED really easy I’m a little dubious of the 100% strength claim but it looks like it’d be pretty strong. Thanks Surecaztr. I might give this a crack next time I need to tie one
  2. Cheers Yellow Door Yeah, I used to hear about the spotter planes when I first started fishing out west. It was usually offered as the reason the Salmon weren’t around I imagine a drone could be pretty handy for school spotting I’m not sure how I feel about that I guess as a recreational angler, I’m good with it But stories like the one you posted highlight the downsides of such use. I guess my feeing is that I’m ok with most approaches but that moderation is the key
  3. Hehehe. Almost came a croppa before Ceduna. You’d think I’d be right on top of this, seeing that I’m in the transport game If you’ve had a wheel off, always check the nuts a little ways up the road
  4. Scott’s beach. Fowlers Bay dunes and Dog Fence
  5. It’s not much, but it’s about as far as I got on this lot. I’ve got a tonne of footage and I’d pictured a Spielberg masterpiece, but alas
  6. Lol . Yeah, I saw you’re a dark sider, Softy. My mum taught me that “It takes all sorts”
  7. It’s the first drone I’ve owned and I don’t get to use it enough to get really competent but it’s pretty bloody cool I went with the Mavic Pro for its size, flight time and quality. I also lashed out on a heap on ND and CP filters. They’re a must if you want to get really good quality footage in differing conditions As for footage, yeah, I got plenty. However, it’s finding the time to edit it all together into some sort of cool and interesting video that is the problem If I can dig a piece up, I’ll post it Im off to YouTube now to look up Ash Smith
  8. Since getting a tinny, I’ve gone and beefed up my tackle in the hope of one day hooking up on a decent kingfish. Darren at Sportsfishing Scene recommended I learn how to tie the FG knot. While I’ve only tied it a few times now, I’m already finding it much easier to do. I even tied it whilst bobbing around in the swell the other week This is the video I found easiest to follow.
  9. Thanks Dave. I love that place almost enough to wish I was old. I can see me retiring out there
  10. Thought I’d share a couple of pix shot with the drone from one of my favourite areas to fish. The West Coast
  11. Cheers Des. I’ll check it out tomorrow. I’ve had a couple of shandies tonight and I’m feeling a little foggy ST
  12. Well, I’ve got NFI about growing worms But going on the amount of work / effort you’ve put in, I’d say you should be kicking arse
  13. Holy crap While that’s not exactly what I was after, it’s a super handy link / site There’s a TONNE of information there Thanks Doobie Much appreciated ST
  14. I have a question regarding tides in Gulf St Vincent. I’ve been spending a bit of time down south these last couple of months (Wirrina) and seeing as how fishing from a boat (well, tinny) is still very new to me, I’m checking the weather reports regularly to see how windy it’s expected to be on my days off. What I haven’t been paying much attention to is the tide. Contrary to my user name (my mates would have you believe I do sweet FA), I don’t have a tonne of spare time and so as long as it’s not windy, I’m gonna try get out on the water. As I’m becoming a bit more familiar with the tinny and how to fish from it, I’ve started to look at tide times. When I check the wind on Weatherzone, it shows me conditions at Parawa. That’s a bit inland but seems to be pretty accurate for the Rapid Bay area. However, the tides given from Parawa are WAY different to what’s happening at Rapid Bay. It seems they’re the Victor Harbour tides. So, I’ve been checking the tide times of various area and I see some interesting readings. High tide for Monday afternoon are Outer Harbour : 6.08pm Brighton : 6.28pm Second Valley : 6.35pm That makes sense. The high tide sweeps into the gulf from the west and curls thru in a clockwise direction. But when I look around the corner of the Fleurieu Peninsula to what’s happening at Victor. I would have expected to see a high tide hit at around 7pm but no!! It’s a LOW tide there at 7.34pm. This brings me to my question (finally ). Does anyone know where I would find a map, a video, an animation etc that shows tidal movement in and around our gulf? I’ve done a good bit of googling but can’t seem to find anything simple likes that. ST.