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  1. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but seeing it wasn't closed, thought I add my 2 cents. Back in the 70's and early 80's we'd venture to the OH breakwater a couple of times year. Always in daylight. Night, lol, was too much like playing Russian roulette with the devil. Aside from mulloway and snapper, if you were lucky, you'd hook up some decent size King Gorge Whiting too. Though, to be fair, in those days, fish were aplenty, locally. Unless the breakwater has undergone repairs since, rock hopping was definitely a task you had to take care at. The snail win the race on this one,
  2. Agreed. Just getting back into the hobby, after years of absence. Hit BCF, thinking they'd be able to give help/advice on gear etc., needed. Probably OK if you know what you need but not great with the knowledge Dept. Later, found an Indy tackle shop. Well stocked, helpful and very knowledgeable. Guess who's getting my business
  3. @yellow door 1 brilliant tip. The eyes aren't what they used to be, and seeing double isn't fun. Thanks for adding this
  4. Coincidentally, it was also about the time they started adding 'warning labels' to electrical goods and such. My view: If you don't know a hairdryer and water don't mix, then, well, you get the picture
  5. Don't mean to dig up an ancient thread, but seemed fitting to add comment, given, the fishing spot is on topic. Back in the 70's (circa 1974), Dad and I stumbled across a dilapidated boat-builders jetty, in the port river (diagonally across from the power station). Was late afternoon June/July. The wooden pylons were still solid, but most of the decking had gone south. So you had to be careful where you walked or you'd end up in the drink. We were heading home, but decided to give it a go for 20 min or so. Within minutes of dropping lines, we've hooked up. We fished until dusk, by the
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