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  1. Cheers@doobie I used the length of the pergola on the shack we're staying at [emoji1787] it worked well
  2. Need a quick guide Mate had a tangle with my paravane, no dramas common occurrence [emoji1787] Problem is lure was cut and line was also cut from paravane and that line is long gone[emoji2359] So, putting on new line but no idea how long the line between lure and paravane should be? Wouldn't be an issue but something big grabbed my diving lure and my braid snapped [emoji2959]
  3. Not sure if this has been done before or not? What's everyone prefer to use for tackle storage and keeping it in some sort of order? Do you Use the trays and a bag? 1/2/3/whatever tray box where the trays open up/out? Something else? Combination? For me I use a 3 tray box. Current version is not as good as the one I had stolen. But this style seems the easiest option for me, also the messiest... It generally has all my gear in it so I'm technically ready for whatever I find I want to target or what's biting. I have a bag and a few trays but can never seem to find the right mix for a day'
  4. For starters use a hook not a rake. Rakes are for gardens. You get a lot less weed in your tub and don't rip up the ground. Just tap the crab so if raises it's claws and hook it in the "elbow" or "shoulder" joints easy. Attached is a pic of my hook. A bit of 4 or 5mm stainless rod and a handle. This handle is a cheap hammer handle I cut to just over the width of my palm. have seen file handles used as well Sent from my ULTRAMINTT Y3 using Tapatalk
  5. I got a cheap pair of waders years ago, used them for the first time 12 months ago at start of crab season. Where the rubber boot section is "welded" onto the leg is a sharp hard ridge. Both calves were cut and bleeding by the time I got my 20 crabs. Scars are still dark very evident. Don't wear shorts under waders! If I can find the time to go chasing crabs I'll be wearing trackies or similar next time Sent from my ULTRAMINTT Y3 using Tapatalk
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