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Trustwell anchor revived?

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  1. oh, now i see I have to turn on the 'notify me of replies' button - done!
  2. happy new year to all..., i just checked Strike Hook site and it looks like we (Frank and Pip) have had 18 responses to my post yesterday about the Trustwell anchor Frank designed (and two likes - nice!) Am new to the site and can't see who or where the 18 responses are? Anyway, Frank is coming by my house in about an hour because he is curious to see this website etc... I will try to figure out a way to see the 18 comments (?) and Frank might like to leave a message as well... he's very sociable. I did get a couple of details back to front yesterday. The patent lapsed, was not sold - after sixteen years. He manufactured a number of different types of anchors back in the day. The patent he sold was for a reel designed for squid fishing, to solve a problem he used to have when out fishing years ago. Anyway, stay tuned... Pip
  3. I forgot to say, he was amused to hear that he was ''dead and gone a long time ago'' when he rang Glasscraft Marine to ask about the anchor a few years ago... Frank didn't want to scare the guy, so he didn't reveal who was actually on the other end of the phone line!
  4. hi guys, my friend Frank Miller (designer of the Trustwell anchor) is actually not dead and buried, as some people believe and as mentioned on this page!- but is in fact, alive and well and living in Adelaide South Australia. Yes, he is an elderly man but still produces small steel gadgets out of his modest workshop at the back of his flat. He sold the Trustwell patent many years ago (sometime in the 1980's when he was running a different manufacturing business called Colonial Lace, on Brighton Road Somerton Park) and I think he regrets it! anyway, anyone out there who wants another Trustwell could get in touch with Frank through me if you like. It might be a good project for him to get it up and running again... (my email is available on request - write to 17/88 Harding Street Somerton Park Adelaide, 5044 South Australia.)