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  1. brenton

    Whats you Favourite scaling tool for fish over 3kg?

    a knife, i skin most and leave scales on. cheers nereus
  2. Its the first step in a long line of changes coming in the new year and just getting Pirsa to realise that there is a problem and they cant sit on their hands and everything will be ok is a milestone(well actually they didnt realise it but the minister has)Because of the timing wholesale changes that are needed couldnt happen but rest assured they will happen and even a significant number of commercials are on board many of which are generational fishers who would like to stay in the game,PIRSA are at fault here allowing the indiscriminate slaughter by not introducing a TAC which has been called for by recs and commercials alike........wait and see but with fingers crossed for a better future not only with snapper but with all the other species that have been fished to breaking point through pathetic fisheries management from PIRSA. cheers b
  3. brenton

    little jack sayoris-z 99

    What ya want it for?....snook? salmon? cheers b
  4. brenton

    Mulloway migration info

    they follow the fresh hence they end up at barrages cheers b
  5. brenton

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    How much hurt are you putting on these fish because St 36ers are most peoples goto,if you need more perhaps singles are your solution. cheers b
  6. brenton

    Tumby bay

    things have been strangely slow over Tumby all winter so your not alone there cheers b
  7. brenton

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    I freeze em whole don't scale and use bowsaw to cut off a few cutlets at a time. cheers b
  8. brenton

    Extension poles for landing net

    always thinking ahead,could do a gaff head as well cheers b
  9. brenton

    The Pat

    sadly it seems the Pat is rooted. cheers nereus
  10. brenton

    Liena, before & after..

    its a decade for us and a blink in time to mother earth. cheers b
  11. brenton

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    if fishing a short heavy trace for say snook i use a 4 turn surgeons knot but don't run it through my guides. cheers b
  12. brenton

    American White Oak Shavings

    i do a bit of smoking infact i just set the back yard on fire with some embers but at least i beat the fire dept to the hose,my lads an aborist so i get plenty of free stuff.good on you for thinking of us. cheers b
  13. brenton

    End of RecFish SA?

    well the current system has been really shit for us so i'm prepared to give anything a go......read it and done my submission.Give it a go and have your say. cheers b
  14. brenton

    End of RecFish SA?

    well someones doing a shit job because plenty of fisheries are a shadow of their former selves,its all down to Pirsa then for allowing their demise? cheers b
  15. brenton

    End of RecFish SA?

    you Aussie Dave are one clued up fella and your ability to read between the lines is spot on,ive folowed your posts on this and other forums and you have always called a spade a spade on either side of the political/rec/commercial divide and i don't reckon you have missed a beat in your commentary.Please stay involved or even better get further involved because rec fishing needs people like you. For all the other seemingly considered opinions above i would just like to add that atm sustainability is only Pirsa spin and is in no way relative to their policies implemented or sadly the many and varied recreational and commercial target species,added to this i'm not aware of any species in our country that has been fished into oblivion by recreational fishers....same can not be said for the commercials and never will be. cheers b