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  1. Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    wouldn't we all,great lures that cast a mile and with a good erratic action cheers b
  2. Who's fishing over Easter?

    went out off NH yesty arvo for a bag of nice King george and 27 squid. cheers b
  3. Big Angry Fush Skutes

    will work wonders i'd say,easy targets though snapper will eat a piece of newspaper. cheers nereus
  4. Tips and Gear for Landbased Fishing Cairns...

    I'd agree with Kelvin all i caught on bait in 3 sessions off the beach was little hammerheads and small dart cheers b

    i got the 4000 seems smooth and will pull most things backwards with 12kg of drag not that i'd be trying that,teamed with my new NS blackhole 10-20lb and 15 suffix pro its light as a feather and i'm looking forward to tangling with a jew or two on plastique. cheers b
  6. Diawa Double Clutch, What is Your Favourite?

    gold cheers b
  7. Just a quick question

    they still sell a symetre and its better than ever. cheers b
  8. I'd agree that nets and long lines should be banned in at least St Vincents gulf,its actually a very small body of water and if the commercials can stuff up Spencer gulf like they have its only a matter of time before St vincents rooted.As for Pirsa fixing anything i have very serious doubts that is possible,i think the incompetance and arrogance towards the rec sector is astounding and i wouldn't trust them to run a chook raffle unless there are some wholesale changes. What does give me some heart is perhaps we can bypass the duds at Pirsa if we can get Rural councils like Tumby ,Pt Broughton etc to ban netting in their surrounding waters,any local council knows how much money the rec sector/tourists can bring into a town and if we can get them onboard then half the battle is won.REC fishing is a billion dollar industry better the small towns on Yorkes/West coast get some of that than a few million going into some greedy pros wallet who may or may not even live in the district cheers b
  9. yep we need to keep up the momentum with this. cheers b
  10. Wading table

    I've seen your standard bait board with rod holders attached to a poly spike before infact i saw one on the net last week with a stubbie holders as well. cheers nereus
  11. Pickled squid

    nope i keep any that is excess in sealed plastic containers all the time,i eat these first though cheers b
  12. Snook Lures

    a metal slice works as well as all assortments of bibbed lures.....slow as you can go. cheers b
  13. got a couple of metro bags but working for them cheers b
  14. Seeking advice on Berkley Gulp Shrimp

    they don't seem to need any action because they work very well just fishing them on the drop around structure which is where i use them most,hidden weight jigheads are the go with these. cheers nereus
  15. i've done a lot of this style fishing and go the Loop knot,you never lose fish because of it, its very strong and by the time your leader gets too short you probably should be changing it so it doesn't cost you the fish of a lifetime. cheers nereus