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  1. brenton

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    steady rolling and heavy twitching for snook and ultra slow roll and long pause for bream. cheers b
  2. brenton

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    for what species? cheers b
  3. brenton

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Aren't sheldons a sponsor of this site or were,they are the biggest breeeder in the state,down at Parawa i think. cheers b
  4. brenton

    New rod

    you got the Stella go the whole hog and have a look at a Venom. cheers b
  5. brenton

    Is glue necessary on Zman Grubs

    i was a serial gluer,getting pantsed even once could mean the loss of a fish of a life time so....i glue,now since ive used this method it hasnt once let me down so now i'm a died in the wool....looper. cheers b
  6. brenton

    Why don't I catch fish?

    there are no gar compared to a few years ago the stock in this gulf they are decimated cheers b
  7. brenton

    Catching Mullet info wanted

    West Lakes method....Fill up a berly spring with mince/pilchard and semolina mix till tacky,place small pieces of same molded on hooks,cast out and let sink, rip it up and let sink,repeat 4 times and retrieve then repeat process....usually mullet will bite on the sink as they feed on the released burley. cheers b
  8. brenton

    Whats you Favourite scaling tool for fish over 3kg?

    a knife, i skin most and leave scales on. cheers nereus
  9. Its the first step in a long line of changes coming in the new year and just getting Pirsa to realise that there is a problem and they cant sit on their hands and everything will be ok is a milestone(well actually they didnt realise it but the minister has)Because of the timing wholesale changes that are needed couldnt happen but rest assured they will happen and even a significant number of commercials are on board many of which are generational fishers who would like to stay in the game,PIRSA are at fault here allowing the indiscriminate slaughter by not introducing a TAC which has been called for by recs and commercials alike........wait and see but with fingers crossed for a better future not only with snapper but with all the other species that have been fished to breaking point through pathetic fisheries management from PIRSA. cheers b
  10. brenton

    little jack sayoris-z 99

    What ya want it for?....snook? salmon? cheers b
  11. brenton

    Mulloway migration info

    they follow the fresh hence they end up at barrages cheers b
  12. brenton

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    How much hurt are you putting on these fish because St 36ers are most peoples goto,if you need more perhaps singles are your solution. cheers b
  13. brenton

    Tumby bay

    things have been strangely slow over Tumby all winter so your not alone there cheers b
  14. brenton

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    I freeze em whole don't scale and use bowsaw to cut off a few cutlets at a time. cheers b
  15. brenton

    Extension poles for landing net

    always thinking ahead,could do a gaff head as well cheers b