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  1. Thanks fellas. There was a fair bit of skull dragging and a huge amount of luck. Both fish went for the pylons (the trevally in particular) and it was just a case of what was gonna happen first - the line breaking/hook pulling or the fish bricking us. The 40lb leader in both cases was so shredded, I'm surprised it held together. Got both fish within about 10 minutes of each other. Stopped fishing after that as we had enough to share between a few families. I brought the saltwater fly rod up too.... but wouldn't stand a chance on the wharf... it'll stay in the car for now! Cheers
  2. Success at last... thanks everyone
  3. Thanks Kelvin, will do. The rocks sound good for the saltwater fly gear I brought with me... just but not too keen on getting too close to the water! Haven't seen any bust ups yet, but will have the gear ready for when it happens If I can get my son onto a fish then I can relax a bit. Thanks for the advice. Cheers
  4. Great stuff Territory Lad, I'll get out there for a meal for sure... and check the fish out. Just wondering about the rigs, couldn't quite work out whether we're talking about a normal running sinker rig or paternoster type rig? Looking forward to getting out there again.... don't want to leave until I've at least got one decent fish from there. Also, is any particular tide better fishing than another? I know it's a bloody long way down to the waterline when it's low though! Thanks again. Cheers
  5. Awesome Wert, thanks heaps mate. I'm here for another 6 weeks, so I'll keep trying and post up if I manage a fish or two.... Cheers
  6. G'day All Up here visiting my son who moved up a while ago and I'm trying to land a fish or two with him while I'm here. Went to Stokes Hill today and managed to get some livies.... but no luck with anything munching them. Just wondering what the preferred rig is off the wharf.... and if any area on the wharf is better than others. Got snagged a few times close in to the wharf a bit further along the wharf from the fishing platform). Would love to get a decent fish with him... (you know... father & son bonding and all that...). Any advice would be gre
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