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  1. Yeah, I usually would returned it but was having a bad day! Firstly the engine wouldn't start, then for an entire afternoon all we caught was a moderate sized squid, 1 Tommy, 1 leather jacket and this fish. It was the biggest out of all of them and I really thought someone would have eaten it before!
  2. The trumpet fish has quite different fins from the fish I caught. The tube mouth fish that I researched also seems to have a different mouth to the ones that you have found (looks almost identical in the photos to what I caught).
  3. Tube mouth seems right based on the other posts and doing a Google search (fins, barbel and colours etc match). Anyone know if it can be eaten?
  4. Hey all, New to the forum, so hopefully this is in the right spot. Went fishing off the foot of the Yorke Peninsula over Easter and caught this weird fish- never seen anything like it in SA before. We were fishing in a small dinghy (about 7m water depth). Can anyy help identify it?? I'm thinking maybe a flute mouth but the tail doesn't seem right...
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