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  1. So do prawns and they have spikes on the front so the can not be swallowed head first. And a lot of fish like bream have spikes down their backs that stand up to stop them being eaten from the back, so get eaten head first. Lots of things have their defence facing the end that's going to be attacked. And a lot of other things have worked out to attack the other end.
  2. This clip is interesting, because the point the hooks are facing the head not the tail, this has the fish attacking the lure from the tail end not the claws end. I think a fish would find it a lot easier to swallow a nipper if it took it from the tail end, it would have to be easier to to get down their throat.
  3. I'm running 15 lb braid as a main line, then a 12lb fluoro carbon leader and some times a short length of cheap 10lb line to the sinker below that, so if I snag I only lose the sinker. I have always just, used Mono for traces, but thought I should try the Fluoro Carbon. Even after I have finished the rig it's not sitting as neatly as I want. Which brand of fluoro carbon are you using for leader?
  4. I just bought some 12lb Shimano fluorocarbon leader. It's really difficult to work with. Are there any other brands than are more flexibly and less prone to twisting? Tying #8 hooks is fiddly enough.
  5. If you can not use fresh, local mussels for bait because they are sold for human consumption, fisheries need to get off their ass and fix it. How can you sell wild bred cockles that are under commercial pressure and not mussels that are farmed, both grown in SA? Maybe it would be a good idea, to reduce the cockle quota and start encouraging companies to grow our bait. When cockle that are just taken are $22 a kg for bait and mussels that are farmed are $8 a kg for human consumption, some thing is very wrong.
  6. I was thinking of soaking them in some tuna oil as well. They have fresh mussels for $9 a kg grown in Port Lincoln. If whiting are eating chicken pellets that people are using for burley, I think it's got to be worth a try, if they don't want them on the hook, they can go in the burley bucket.
  7. With cockles getting hard to buy and prices around $22 a kg, I was wondering if anyone has given the fresh Australian mussels that Woolworths sell for $7.50per kg a try? Even to just crush them up for berley, like we use to with cockles. Just thinking I might regret asking this, if all the fishos get onto it and the price doubles lol. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/62900/woolworths-fresh-whole-black-mussels
  8. So it looks like they might be able to at least, detect sound. They are known to be very curious, so I can not see why it would not help. https://www.livescience.com/11707-squid-hear-itos-motion-ocean.html#:~:text=Squid can hear%2C scientists have,motion generated by sound waves.&text=Squid have two sac-like,the base of their brains.
  9. I keep reading how whiting prefer fresh squid, just how fussy can they be. I have kept Squid in the freezer for months and still tasted pretty good to me.
  10. I don't think this is a photo, I think its a artists sketch. Makes me wonder if the spool really holds that little line, would be good to see an actual photo, or the specs.
  11. When I was a lad my dad kept the worms in an old copper, that use to be used for heating water, it was full of horse poop and table scraps, and had a couple of hessian sacks on the top, when ever we wanted worms, you just wet the sacks, the next day you lifted the sacks and there were hundred, between the sack and the dirt at the top, he swore by tiger worms.
  12. What squid could possible resist this? Squid have been eating things that look like this for over 200 million years.
  13. Thanks MAH, I ordered both of theses yesterday and 8 other, I am keen on trying the KG whiting and the sand whiting, Squid have been around since the Jurassic I figure by now they must know what the fish they eat look like, I don't hear a lot of people using them, every one is mad on pink.
  14. I mostly buy 3 or 3.5 for fishing from the boat and a few 2.5 for shallow water, I notice RUi have 4s, they don't put the sink rate on the site, but I presume they sink faster and for stronger current? I was thinking of getting a few for deeper water. I'm sometimes in 6 to 8 metres.
  15. Thanks MAH That is very helpful information. Have you given the KG and sand Whiting ones a go? They are the fish I target, while I am squiding, seems to make sense to use what they are use to eating.
  16. Hi any one using the Rui squid jigs? I normally buy the Yamashita jigs, but was thinking of trying the Rui. They have a few natural ones I am interested in, like the KG Whiting and the sand whiting ones.
  17. Those hard bits are Denticles, there small tooth like serrations, that help them hang on to things. All squid have them.
  18. The big question now is, has anyone tried them? And can you catch squid on them, I think if you could cast them around bait fish they may be good, or if squid were following lures.
  19. These were the only actual lures I could find that had a squid jag. I know the critics will say why isn't every one using them, but 40 years ago they said that about anything that did not have a dead fish tied on it. At least it might be a bit of fun lure.html
  20. This is what I was thinking too. Where did you buy the jags from?
  21. Before you judge a crazy, you should run a mile with their tackle box. That way, when you judge them, you're a mile away and you have their tackle box.
  22. This is what I was thinking too. Where did you buy the jags from?
  23. Hi I was reading this old post from 2010 and thought I would bum it up and see if anyone else has tried converting lures to squid catchers?
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