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  1. Great work men!! Perfectly executed
  2. Ale

    50lb Rod?

    U can see the rod in Rotare’s vid to see what the action is on it whilst jigging, excuse the unco-ness on my behalf tho. In all honesty, I don’t really pay too much attention to some of the finer points of actions etc. I just know what I find comfortable to use, but yes, I’ve had the thing bent to a nice semi circle all the way to rod seat during tussles with those Samsons!! In an ideal world, one would have a rod for jigging, another for bottom bashing and another for Jigging, but in my case I just can’t justify the $$$$ so choose this one to cover all bases. I guess jiggi
  3. Ale

    50lb Rod?

    Its no secret Im a big fan of the Catalina rods. Ive got 2 of them and love them to bits. Ive got a 59HS and a Nabura 67. Ive got a 5000 catalina on the 59HS and use it for bottom bashing in the strait and beyond. No worries handling the lead needed and the fish encountered. Ive also used it on the BFT found that way, seemed to work ok? Ive also taken it on a liva aboard early this year, worked great Jigging big samsons out from Coffins. http://www.strikehook.com/index.php/topic/24408-awesome-long-range-charter-trip/page-1 I had a quick Jig with my mates Monster mesh, and t
  4. Very, very cool mate!!!! Thanx for sharing
  5. Boat only pulls donuts with u on it, lucky I stocked my freezer whilst taking other mates
  6. Such a nice feed. I've laid boneless/skinless fillets in foil, sweet cheery tomatoes, basil, garlic, salt, pepper, butter n lemon. Wrapped it up and in the oven. Love it.
  7. Mine is the one at bottom of this page, $60 from cashies http://www.talontools.com.au/pages/products_shredders.htm
  8. My talon has probs made a couple hundred kgs of burley for me n mates, works killer. Must start thinking of a couple sessions to get stocked for spring time
  9. That's where "knowing a guy" may help. Sometimes, just the leadtime to get these things in store that suck. Dare say if u live north, United fastners on Cavan rd would have a stainless screw that would do the job if u get really stuck
  10. Might be a case of who u know, SH loyal Kuershie works at BCF Richmond. Drop him a pm. Locktite; wouldn't do any harm, I recommend.
  11. I think it's economics to an extent, a mid to high end reel is worth paying to have it done if you aren't confident. But I too am interested in servicing those sub $100 reels a lot of us use!! I dunked a Shimano Sonora, and carefully stripped it, cleaned and regreased it by just paying attention whilst dismantling and then again during assembly. Works fine. But I am interested on keeping the drags on these cheap reels working as new.
  12. R&A's have them in stock mate, $129, be intresting to feel one up. Ive belted its older , cheaper brother: Biscayne 80 with bottom bashing. Its worked a treat for the $80 it cost me. Dutchy, maybe mount it on a Saltist rod? or a Okuma Salina rod?
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