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  1. maybe i just need a friendly local to drag me out again
  2. have had a daiwa excellor for so many years now that i cant remember when i bought it... has certainly earned its money many times over. I also have some small shimano reels.. sol 3000 being my favourite of them. Im happy with both.. but im probably not as dedicated any longer to my fishing as most on here
  3. Del


    fantastic photos and story behind it! one day Id love to get up there to target this amazing fishery!
  4. I have access to codes for discount quite regular from Inkbird, On home brewing fridge controllers as well as bbq controllers.. Yell out if needed again.. Ive seen a few swags rolled badly that they looked like... Dutch cigars... but ive never tried to smoke one..
  5. red gum is fine! your hark is gas i assume?? set low around 225.. smoke till internal temp is around 165.. then wrap till temp is 203 or probing like butter... i use the Inkbird ITB6x blue tooth temp monitor system to keep track of my cook ups. Here is some thanks giving discounts!! 1. IBT-4XS Orange with 4 Probes https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0772JDKSC 2.IBT-2X Black with 2 Probes https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B06WRPQSW1 3. IBT-6X Orange with 6 Probes https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B06ZZ4B2M8?th=1 4. ICT-2P Orange with 2 Probes https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07DWW98GB ---------------------------------------------- Please note that the promotion will be ended on 2018-11-28, but the IBT-4XS's promotion will be ended on 2018-11-26.
  6. looks the goods!! i use anything from the Alvey shoulder bag, a bum bag, or a small back pack dependant on where or what im targeting!
  7. I also have the Hark 2 door smoker.. but i usually do briskets, pulled pork, Lamb roasts/pulled and ribs in it... if you can get wood Chunks, it will last longer than chips or saw dust. DONT soak your wood chips. this just creates steam and not smoke.. remember.. you are smoking the fish.. not steaming them.. I havent done fish in my hark, but did a lot in a little metho burner, just salting the fish before hand, didnt brine them. but brining does give a better product. a few interesting reads in this link too https://grillinfools.com/blog/2009/04/01/smoke-wood-what-kind-is-best-well-it-depends/
  8. sounds like they are making carp jerky
  9. Fresh and Frozen. Havent taken the time to salt it.. its got good skin and flesh and plenty of blood
  10. i caught salmon, tommies, flat head, small snapper, and sting rays so far on it..
  11. yeah nice capture.. but... please... dont stand on coral reefs!
  12. Del

    Tumby bay

    my home town, The local jetty used to be good fishing.. plenty of beaches around too. Second creek is not far out. we used to fish and snorkel this area a lot. Ski beach has some nice land based flicking to be done too. The marina is holding some decent fish from what i hear. Always got Coffin bay, Port Niell, Port Lincoln close by too
  13. Del

    Goolwa Cockles

    never used a rake... just shuffle.. rake is higher return?
  14. cheers mate! grabbed a bag! will have to find something to smoke.. and see how it goes!
  15. i do a bit of meat smoking.. generally kiln dried woods burn faster and hotter.. but as shavings in a smoker pan.. it might work ok. id be keen for a few KG to give it a go? where is pick up?
  16. this map is not even up to date.. theres been many more that are not listed.. i personally know 3 people that are fatalities and 2 that were just bites.. 3x whites 2x bronzies. all around the port lincoln and EP area
  17. yep in SA.. but further up the stream into vic?
  18. as a Diving instructor we may take a red tomato down on a dive with us.. and ask the students what colour it is..
  19. Del

    OnkaStomper 12

    i believe its now at $25500 raised..top effort!
  20. Del

    Cheap Snook Lures

    good luck and let us know how you go!
  21. Del

    Cheap Snook Lures

    Fishing Techniques: Most snook are taken on lightly-weighted or un-weighted baits of whitebait, anchovy or pilchards on ganged hooks or single, long-shanked hooks. They also fall to fish flesh strips, small live baits and pieces of squid. These baits should be a lightly weighted and kept moving. A gentle jigging motion will often attract snook. Snook are also keen lure-takers and fall to slow-trolled spoons, jigs, feathers and minnows, particularly on weighted lines or behind paravanes. Eating Qualities: The snook is a very good to excellent table fish, much prized in southern waters. The fish's flesh is white, moist and sweet, although a little soft. Care should be taken not to bruise the meat, and all snook should be cleaned promptly after capture.
  22. Del

    Cheap Snook Lures

    soft plastics.. and pretty much any hard body.. Green/silver/blue/red+white , when on they bite they are not really fussy.. and metal salmon lures are fine too.