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  1. It must have been a real stonker if that pic doent do it Justice Nice to see this thread going well Jack
  2. Plenty more boaties up that way thinking much the same SL, especially aftert several cars were tamperd with/ damaged or stolen in recent times, and the kids playgorund had 3 or so attempts at setting it alight too !Im told that the theif of the car is known to a certain few, and is really going to regret it when his time comes :whistle:
  3. Thats a wide list of questions there k2l You will find a lot of info in the Freshwater Fishing section, butr it will also help if you say if you want to fish by , if you have trtansport etc too
  4. "outer metro" ........."sort of straight across".......(across what, your Bows
  5. You're nearly there - any chance of being more specific? :whistle:
  6. Try reading the fishing column in the Sunday Mail :whistle: It seems most metro jetties now have gar. squid and some tommies atm
  7. That kids a Trooper jack :cheer: Loved the bit where he puts the rod in a holder and just waits and his ideas on a secret :cheer:
  8. Probably the same picture they used last year :whistle:
  9. And heres me thinking it was devoid of them !Still, maybe it is now :whistle:
  10. Some interesting info in this link http://www.stripersurf.com/getserious2.html
  11. Seems odd to coat Mono in plastic, yet alone "1000" Lb
  12. Are the Pike pureley a sports fish, or eaten too PG
  13. Nice one Chuck, and also for doing your bit in support too
  14. More crackers Nev :ohmy: Adelaide apparently had around 150 thousand lightning strikes on Sunday night :ohmy: !
  15. Lol crispy ! Prettyvwild here too :ohmy: Should stir the :f up :woohoo: