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    Ranger...Your way with words could not be described as anything less than eloquent. It is plain to see that there is an obvious agenda here and the intention of such is completely inaudible to 99.9% of us.I could sit here and type with the sort of banalianism that is evident of previous posts but a glass of red has rendered me no longer a member of academia...I am confusing myself now.C'mon GNSS, we are not all muppets...if you want some sort of debate to occur, provide the adequate evidence to make it equitable and worthwhile for all of us. To date, nothing has been offered and no one is gaining anything.Go Ranger, go!!!
  2. eddo78


    Not only can you get the nori sheets, but you can also get he bamboo rolling mat and all the other things you need (short grain rice, mirin, jap mayo) at most larger supermarkets. I make it quite regularly. With a bit of practice it gets easier...I love the stuff.
  3. She might wanna hold onto that rod a bit tighter...sure the reel is important but a nice, firm, strong grip on the rod is vital...
  4. No idea carps but sounds like fun...let us know how you go...
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    Uh oh...left handed. That means her right brain is active and she is therefore logically minded. Must be some balls hiding behind that can!!!!