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  1. when is the bloodworm run on ???
  2. i use the cd case as well can hold up to 100 rigs if need be or smaller one holds about 20 rigs,,nice and compact and able to store any where,, cheers freddyboy
  3. cut one up the other day and it had nothing in it ,, thought it was a normal car battery so unless you know for sure that theres some thing in there i wouldent bother i drained the acid out and filled it with water several times and cut it open ,, total waste of time wouldent recomend it ,, cheers freddyboy
  4. his email is bournie27@hotmail.com or try reaching him via facebook his on there as well,,hope this helps cheers freddyboy
  5. i own 3 malaluka rods they go well with my tld50s,,, caught this fish with one last year,, no complaints here ,, cheers freddyboy
  6. by law he should have a dive flag dosent he?cheers fred
  7. tell you what my tom tom (not cheap either) got me to my sisters door step in queensland well over 2000 km away without any hassels ,,, think you also have to know how to use it,,, but having said that it dident know where point lowly was reason might be no ones corrected it saying theres a road there which i have now done and has been reconized by computers updates,,, and driving around adelaide now isent such a nightmare either so im happy with mine cheers freddyboy
  8. if you need company call me im available,, cheers freddyboy
  9. gunyah is one of the better beaches thats for sure ,,, ive never missed out and the gutters are easy to find there as well cheers freddyboy
  10. no im not i have a fisho mate that has a shack there in fishermans bay,, so ill be lodging there when we are not fishing,, he also has a boat there so i dont need to tow mine there ,,, will do a report on here when i get back,,,,,you shouldent have any problems getting gar ,,squid,,or crabs ,,, but if your fishing bottom like whiting or snapper then the stripies will be there by the millions unless you go out deep,,,cheers freddyboy
  11. did hear there were a million and one stripe perch there at the moment but hopefully there wont be to many out deeper ,, im heading there myself on the weekend,, cheers freddyboy
  12. im assuming you guys mean theses things , ,,,,i got mine in big W ,,, cant remember how much they were,, :S ,,,, ive never used them yet waiting for whiting season to start , ,,,, will also try them on gar but there are so many striped perch here at the moment i wont waist them, ,they smell and feel like the real thing ,,, cheers freddyboy
  13. yeah i second that ,, not often kindness happens ,, well done both of you ,,, cheers freddyboy
  14. small bronzy i got last year ,,, reason im not in the photo is it was released so i left it in the water ,,, was fishing for kings and he grabbed the live squid and put up a reasonable fight for it size,, cheers freddyboy