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  1. Hi ,bjorn2 fish. Thankyou so much for the info I asked for . It is greatly appreciated. I think I will have to refine my technique a little.At 72 y.o.a. I am still learning. The trouties must have been in a real feeding frenzy . Using the heads as a last resort brought to mind , I spent my 21st Birthday on the Henley Jetty with my girlfriend ,and we were using Cray-tail meat for bait and the Tommies [sorry Herrings] were going ballistic,ran out of bait,so we scraped the hooks on the shell, and were still catching fish. Caught a Taxi home about 1am, gave the Taxi driver a feed , he was a happy chappy then.
  2. Forgot to ask in my last reply, what time during the day.Thankyou.
  3. Congratulations guys on a good haul of s/t's . Southie might get a little bit jealous I think?. What bait did you guys use? I think the Drought has finally broken.
  4. Re rod butt extension, Back around 1966 in my early 20's,my late farther-in-law gave me a couple of fishing rods to start fishing with. One was a Len Butterworth 7ft 2 piece split rangoon cane rod with lower ceramic runners with a turned wooden handle [made on a lathe],the other was made from a fencing sword blade about 3-4ft long with a wooden handle. With the Butterworth Rod, the handle was a little short to go under the arm, so I got a 18'' length of wooden broom handle and doweled and glued the 2 ends together , varnished the handle and put a [chair] rubber cup on the end.Back then myself and girlfriend [later my wife],were members of the Super Elliott Angling Club [have still got my Badge]. Just recently the Butterworth rod has been given to an associate who has a collection of ye olde rods and reels etc.
  5. Good job mate. One has learnt not to chuck out too much ''stuff'' and to keep it for a rainy day. That day does come. Twas good too catch up again for a chin wag.
  6. Good onya Brayden,great to see the rod building finally taking off. I hope the 4wd is now sorted out. Keep well brother.
  7. A great video of the Captain and his little Skipper. Great stuff Weaver