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  1. What do you think of the new beacons craifish ? I find them more hindrance than help but been doing the Tauw. run for 40 odd years so bit set in my ways Cheers
  2. Top tip Underpants but for we old b's replace the jogging with walking the Dog.
  3. When it breaks it gets called all sorts of names.....
  4. I was wondering if the Vegamite had been packed in a Marmite jar......
  5. I think mrballs makes a very good point, we mainly fish C&R in the Coorong so getting the fish back in good shape should be No. 1 priority hence I use a 4-7 Raider. Hopefully we all crush our Barbs as well to prevent tearing when removing the hooks.Cheers
  6. This has a repeat of the KI Koala debarcle written all over it.Nature is not in the least bit kind, time for DEWNR to accept that and make the right descisions no matter how cute a Fur Seal is.
  7. Could also be a Greenie trying to cause trouble.....Anyone can play the name game.
  8. Stingsilda's, Irons, Mavericks.....Well it's been a few years since I fished Waits.
  9. Hi Wisdom,on the subject of a Licence, was there a trigger point that sent Vic and NSW down the licence path ?The RFL has been the subject of much discussion but I can find nothing about how the other guys got past the bulldust and made it happen. Cheers
  10. I must say they are easy to catch from my limited attempts on Lake Monticello, Arkansas.Land based with a $10.00 combo from Walmart. License to fish cost more than the Combo but amenities to burn and well maintained.
  11. Shimano Power Spin and Twin Power 4000
  12. Howdy Wisdom, good to see you still have a toe in the water.In saying it is all a best guess I think that depends on who is having the punt. Someone who has put in the hard yards usually has a good feel for what side the coin may come down on, on the other hand we have DEWNR. Couldn't resist. Cheers
  13. The guy on the cover is the late Ken Mann, cracking bloke to fish with and sadly missed.Cheers
  14. The 7Kg limits smells a bit like the additional hook limits on Shark Fishing. A bright idea without doing any homework on consequences resulting in yet another potential dogs brekkie.A good question for PIRSA.Cheers
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