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  1. Hi johntwo,I have fished that gauging station pool on and off for 20 odd years and the small dam above it as well as the creek upstream.It used to be private property but the area was bought up by SAwater as catchment years ago.Unfortunately fishing there is illegal now so be careful what you post as some on this site are a bit funny about stuff like that.Also if I can recognise it so can others if you get my drift.The gorge bream reaper has been fishing behind FMC as you call it is getting hammered due to publicity on the net.I have fished there for 20 years and have never seen the fish so spooky.I fished the upstream (Right upstream where the browns are) section on Monday.I was watching a fish rising from the bridge with my mate ( we are both over 50)wondering weather to tie on an emerger or a nymph, with my rod laying in the grass.Next thing I know a spin fisherman came barging up like a baby elephant and put the fish down.He then proceeded to cast under the foot bridge we were standing on and working his way upstream.I saw his personal number plate and recognised him as someone who posts on here regularly.He should learn a bit of etiquette.What made us laugh was the fact he was wearing brand new full length neoprene waders on a hot day to fish a tiny creek!Unfortunately our fisheries are tiny and I don't now how long they can handle the pressure.Glad to here you guys (reaper included )are getting a few fish especially on the Tenkara. Just be careful what you post as not everyone does the right thing like you guys.Im of to NZ in 5 weeks Yeeehaa.Tight lines Rollcast
  2. rollcast

    Beaded Spiders

    I wasn't commenting on the spiders rollcast ' date=' just saying how I tie my nymphs to show it's alright to tie flies with the beads away from the eye.Cheers Dazz[/quote']Sorry mate misinterpreted you.My mistake.Cheers
  3. rollcast

    Beaded Spiders

    Another point worth noting is that when beads are tied on down eye hooks the point "swims" upward due to the centre of gravity ,much like a jighead.This can be handy as it ensures most trout are hooked in the top lip and not the bottom jaw.This holds the fish more scurely and does less damage to the fish than hooking the hinged flexible bottom jaw.It also means nymphs ride wingcase down.I used to tie my nymphs on fulling mill nugget easy eye hooks,as the straight eye stops this happening.I soon found they were not the strongest hook and were often bent when removed from a 6LB south island brown.Also I found I suffered less snags if the fly swam point up.I don't believe the fish care if the wingcase is on the bottom as real nymphs undoubtedly tumble every which way in the current when dislodged from their hideaway.Those knapeck hooks are really popular with the competition guys as they hold very well for a barbless hook due to the bent point.Quality control is a bit average IMHO and some of the eyes aren't rolled that well.Cheers Rollcast
  4. rollcast

    Beaded Spiders

    Good job 1 fish.They would fool any trout in fast water down and across.Especially during a caddis hatch.Have you tried tying a black and peacock spider?Same tie but no tail.Use peacock hearl(2 strands tied on top of each other)for the body and black hen (not cock) hackle instead of the grizzle.This is one of my go to patterns on the ultra fussy spring creek trout on the west coast of NZ.its an old but extremely effective tie (and simple).I tie them in 16s and 18s on kamasan b175(heavy gauge) hooks.keep the hackle small ,from the eye to the point of the hook only.Most size 20's I see on this sight are over hackled and the hackle would suit a 12..Black and peacock is great tied in many different patterns including dries with a stiffer hackle.Cheers mateRollcast
  5. rollcast

    Beaded Spiders

    I tend to agree with you Darren.Just one thing though mate these aren't nymphs.Spiders are soft hackle wets so no wingcase required.They are not often fished upstream so the posture on the "drift" does not apply.They are usually fished down and across( cast at 45 degrees downstream and let the current make them swing). the soft hackle provides movement which is the trigger point.The take is usually right at the end of the swing as the wet comes up through the water column.Very handy in the early stages of a caddis hatch on the evening rise before the fish get focused on the adults emerging in the surface film.Cheers Rollcast
  6. Twig fishing is a term used by Aussie fly fishers using 1 or 2 weight rods (or lighter) in tight environments.I think 1 fish was describing the creek not giving its name of twiggy creek.Have a look at the fly life forums there is an ongoing topic on twig fishing.But if there is a creek of this name please let me know so I can fish it on my next visit to the snowies.Happy fly flick'n
  7. Yeah I agree superb fish.Well done Azza
  8. I get over there on a regular basis. Love the thredbo in Summer for the dry fly action and Uecumbene river during opening week is mind blowing.A couple of years ago myself and three fly fishing buddies got 257 rainbows during opening week.Most were black slabby spent fish but we got some fresh run fish amongst them.We did cheat a bit using indicators but never stooped as low as glow bugs (yet)Cracker fish mate have only caught 2 that big in over 30 years and had to go to NZ for them.I am green with envy.CongratsRollcast