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  1. Excellent way to boost the local economy. Well done Victoria. http://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/surveys-confirm-angler-satisfaction-in-western-port-according-to-fisheries-victoria
  2. Thanks for the update fishos. I was over in Victoria January this year and it was great to see the target 1 million campaign on tv and billboards etc. Good if they are looking to stock saltwater species in SA like they do interstate. I gave up trying last year. Recs in SA have pushed for saltwater stocking and artificial reef habitat enhancement for years.
  3. A wise man, member of this forum and a Chair of the DRFC once said "we all want the same goals we just have different ways of achieving those goals". I often don't agree with the points or manner by which representative groups go about things but they have their reasons. No different to the way we as individuals do. One thing I do know is these new groups exist because of past failures in the system before they existed. In todays world, needed reforms are rarely acheived completely amicably without public advocacy but the result "goal" is ultimately more important than the method.
  4. The video also states that footy park would hold 80000..... Likely an estimate but did it hold more before they changed the seating format?
  5. Thanks RJ for the response. Just a trivial misunderstanding I agree. I had a bit of a chuckle to myself (not being derogatory). As for getting together. I think it needs to happen at a representative level between the existing groups. I now have three kids, work and I am in the midst of starting up a new soccer club/working at a soccer academy etc wearing several hats. Sorry to let you down but I can't go back to it all and I no longer bother to go fishing anyway. I would have to file for divorce first if I did want to lol...
  6. I was only talking about the direction mooted by contributors to this thread re: Form a rec council and funding via the grants process. That is what has been put forward on here as potential solutions. Apologies but I thought that was obvious?
  7. 15 feet is the average depth it states in the video.
  8. The answer can be found here in this historic video about the construction of west lakes. Takes one back in time this video!
  9. The direction for a rec fish council has been given RJ. Funding to facilitate needs via the 3rd round of grants etc. Thats the advice. I read the trade ministers releases. Maximising recreational fishing isnt on his or the govs radar its all about maximising, maintaining interstate and overseas exports. You say there's rec fishers who are capable and shouldn't be underestimated. Summons them together and go and do it just accept that those your up against are a part of a global industry with endless funds and influence over state policy.
  10. Unfortunately the pathetic response from rec fishers to the recent government attempt to ask what we wanted pretty much summed up the reason for what happens. Out of about 280K rec fishers, 800 or so turned up at the community consultations and about 1500 bothered to fill in the questionaires.Most of the 1500 submissions were against the proposed changes. Recfishsa's survey showed over half were opposed to the whiting reduction. The proposed spatial closures around yorke peninsula were small. The one implemented afterwards is huge. There was broad cross sectional issues raised including commercial wildcatch, aquaculture and marine scalefish restocking via the submissions, the recfishsa survey and at the meetings but how many of those issues have or are being addressed by Pirsa? So one can look at the numbers who participated as a blight on rec fishers themselves or one can see view it from the perspective that most knew the outcome and no longer bother. The large participation decrease in the 2013/14 rec survey and feedback to a FRDC report from 2011 on rec fishers views of management performance highlights less and less think its a worthwhile use of their time. Like me they probably have moved on to other recreations in life?
  11. I appreciate the response, yes a liverpool fan since the early 80's as a kid. Can't be too hard on pollies or generalise them all. There are some who play with a straight bat but also have to exist within the system to conitinue to serve the public. Ever had situations not ideal but had to settle with the lesser of many evils? Its important to remember that the really wealthy in OZ don't share their wealth like other western nations do and SA's wealthy are even more conservative than the rest of the states. The gap is growing (tabulated via graphs since the 1970's) and that gap has political influence. Put yourself in a pollies shoes. They need votes yes but antagonising business magnates who have the cash and global connections to launch large media campaigns isnt smart politics and can cost them many votes. At the moment the State gov wants the export dollars coming into the state. Its not that they are bad but they see it as the lesser of two evils in trying to bring a surplus budget back to the state. Industry are not evil either they are just far more successful at lobbying than we recs are. I see optimum use of the resource as a large equitably shared community fishery which includes a small commercial fishing sector to supply local needs. Perhaps some think I am bad because of my view? I would say life definately isn't always fair for rec fishers in SA but its not because the gov, industry or my views are bad, we just have different goals and ways of achieving those goals. As for leading well I have tried that but don't have the time or inclination to be formerly involved again. My priorities and goals have changed!
  12. Hi Panga. Sorry but I wasn't at any protest in Adelaide. I have often attended public consultation sessions but never protests. I have always believed in following consultation processes to achieve desired outcomes. If the outcomes from those processes fail the public then that's the governments problem to deal with/be held accountable for not mine. I dont see my position on fisheries as anti commercial or anti government. I just have different views on how to manage the resource sustainably. Quite simply we can't continue to use the gulfs scalefish stocks to supply the world or even interstate markets under current management mechanisms and maintain a sustainable local community fishery as well. I have discussed fisheries management issues over the years with scientists and industry consultants around the country. One common response I get is "you raise issues which deserve far more attention than they get in Australia". Fish stocks imho are relatively easy to manage Panga, its the politics which makes sustainability untenable. I am well aware of the current costs you mention and see the future only too well. That's why I no longer go fishing and spend my days coaching/playing soccer and tennis.
  13. Gains against degradation are small because there's not enough cash or people available to address the scope of the damage at least in the short term. Much of this countries waters are still not influenced heavily by pollution sources outside of plastic pollution however. As for fisheries in SA, well I have conceeded to the fact the global seafood distribution sector (not the pro catchers themselves) have the influence over management RFL or no RFL. Large variations in commercial catch still occur during favourable environmental conditions due to the continued use of efficient methods without TACC's or by lowering public catch limits to make TACC's sustainable again. When conditions change, fisheries haven't left enough behind and public fishing gets hit. Distribution of wealth from our marine resources is shared far more equitably within our states populace with a large recreational sector and small commercial sector just to supply local needs imho. An export culture channels profits into the hands of a few corporate seafood distributors especially if they dont invest it back into the state. I dont adhere to the concept of continually slashing SA public limits while we still export tonnes either interstate and/or overseas depending on the fishery. Exports needs should be managed after we have maximised our community industry not the other way around. Tackles
  14. With all due respect bratko, even under a ring fence trust fund account, monies are spent based on committee decisions which are overseen/signed off by the Minister of the day. Such monies can be used for better survey and catch data, tangible enhancement of fishing infrastructure, direct fish stock enhancement and better policing etc which may assist in advocacy but it's not for dictating to government. Tackles
  15. Good luck in any case RJ with your plans. My intentions here were only to be informative as I don't even go fishing anymore and have moved on to other recreations. I have no intention of being formerly involved but still try my best to assist others with what I have researched over the years so solutions to problems are prepared for. Cheers Tackles