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  1. Pretty straight forward Softy. You'll need a HIN/ID plate put on which is approx $50. Then rego for the outboard is just a form. From memory its dependant upon motor size. Think 10hp was about $38 p/year to register. flares and extinguisher and you're ready to go.
  2. Would just like to test one before I outlay some cash So again, anyone willing to spare a spot I'm keen!
  3. Most of the newer models are designed to have air chambers + aluminium floor. Meaning if you put a hole in one, it won't essentially sink. This is what i've been looking at: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-3-m-inflatable-boat-tender-yacht-dinghy-fishing-camping-hunting-pontoon-boat-G-/181478936849?pt=AU_Sport_Boating_Water_Sports_Watercraft&hash=item2a40fcd111 Thinking this Aquos brand might be ok. Add an 86lb trolling motor = happy days
  4. The bloke makes it look all too easy
  5. And yes... this is Adelaide metro
  6. Thanks for the response guys, all notes taken on board. I have looked at the porta-bote previously but was more inclined to wanting something I could put in the boot. For some inspiration - check out the fella in this vid! Anyone know him?
  7. Hey fellow hookers! Looking at potentially purchasing an inflatable for short inshore trips. I am asking if anyone has one to hire out for a day? or if they would allow me to tag along? I will pay my fair share. PM me if you're keen. Cheers
  8. i'd def be keen to join this year LB
  9. settled on a 2014 Shimano Jig 200.fuji sic K guides, TC3 and an awesome reel seat :)the guys at SportsFishingScene at Cavan really helped me out.plus it was the best price in the state
  10. hey adam,those hiramasa sure do look great.will let you know if i can stretch the budget
  11. I had both 30-50lb and 40-80lb in the 6'9" side by side.definitely thought the Black was the better of the two.might be due to the butt/grips being shorter? and possibly reel seat further down?could have been that the Sustain FG looked better on the black, I dunno haha.like stated before, it could be subjective. grips are definitely different. grip change in itself would suggest a different rod?
  12. Hi All,I need a new rod by next weekend for a trip.I'm looking for a good all rounder game rod around 6ft that is light and has a good parabolic feel.Tuna, Kings and the occasional Jig/Bottom Bounce with say 150-200gm jigs.My current list:Okuma Salina PE6 15-24kg.Shimano JIG 200Shimano Vertical Jig RVBS100-200 20-40ppDaiwa Catalina CT JH60S.N JIG (also Catalina CT JH59HS.N JIG)please let me know if you have any reviews or recommendations.running a Sustain 10K 50lb power pro
  13. Went down to R&A today.The black is here, shorter butt, no cork grip. feels more parabolic throughout the entire blank.I reckon the newer rods are better, despite being subjective.cheers, Totes
  14. cheers Knackers,I went into my local tackle shop and the blokes are saying that there's a possibility for the new black terez with cork grips. As brought in by the SA Shimano rep.I held off purchasing the standard white awaiting confirmation.
  15. Hi All,just wondering if anyone has heard news of the new Black Terez rod range for 2014?looking to purchase a new stick in the next couple of weeks.cheers
  16. An amazing documentary on the history of Tuna fishing for anyone interested.http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2013/s3731527.htm
  17. I would be willing to buy some tuna belly at a premium price.PM me :)
  18. to give an indication, i was selling the new Shimano D 4000 for $150 hardly used, 20lb power pro. (new without line is about $200) i would say anything up to $100.
  19. also mud cockles and razor fish just northwest of the yellow marker.not sure if they're still off limits though?can anyone confirm?
  20. thanks for the info guys, i thought this may have been the case.the reason i ask is, for a LB targeted species, these fish make crazy good sashimi.
  21. hey fellow fishos,just a quick question, do we get Bonito here?if so, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me get onto them.tight lines
  22. haven't caught much carp, but i've caught alot of crap. i think the fish have started to thin out as the water temps drop. if you want a good easy fix of some lite line action, Salmon Trout are very plentiful this time of year.
  23. Agreed with Nanman, if anything, it comes down to the technique and if the squid wanna play ball. although in saying this, those egi spec rods would suit shallow water YFW in the summer. so it's prob a lil more versatile than at first glance
  24. Garfish are well and turely still about, along with small mackies and chow, maybe they're ffeding on them. they are pretty thick atm
  25. Thanks for all the info guys. im workng from a 5m fibreglass boat and being new to boating, it may be a while before i head out to deepers grounds.thanks again