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  1. 93 cm long so you could imagine how massive that gut actually was!
  2. 6wt will be fine. Use a floating line and gentle presentation. usually if they are feeding on the bottom then the fly needs to be dropped gently in front of them or in their path, usually just a little jiggle of the fly catches their attention. Too much movement or splashing often scares them. With floating bread flies I just chuck them out and wait for them to smash them.....
  3. Go to Ikea Buy $2 (or thereabouts) childs toilet step. Drill some drainage holes, use thick cable ties to prevent tangles, cut slot for belt in concave part. PERFECT!!!. Can cut slots on side and rest reel inside tub with rod over top as convenient holder whilst you re-rig. Sits perfectly against your hip like it was made for fly fishing. Here is my Thomas The Tank stripping basket.... al under $5 You're welcome
  4. Harfin fly reels: AUSSIE MADE! world class quality and custom colours available Very competitively priced. I am currently getting my third anodized/finished
  5. Emu bugger my go to fly-try diff retrieves (hot tip- bigger isn't always better), double nymph rig or bugger with trailing nymph. Yabby or glass shrimp fly always worth trying too ;-)
  6. Only looked quick but very old and im pretty sure JAPAN was on bib. I may be wrong, been two days of cleaning up down at Marion Bay so I'm pretty knackered LOL
  7. Harware diff to bellbrook... more like chuck's Has JAPAN on underside of bib
  8. Cheers lads! Heres a top view... with a few of the vintage reels I found ;-)
  9. Ok brains trust. Name the make and model. Made in Japan. TIA
  10. My mate is selling these, new as they have only been tried on. Mako are excellent glasses and these are mega cheap: For sale brand new pair of Mako Barra 2 (9475 model) sunglasses. Selling to fund a new 8wt rod. Matt black frame grey lense. Only been worn once for a short period and no marks on either the frame or lense. Comes with cleaning cloth and hard shell original case. RRP $280 selling $190 free post anywhere in aust. Feel free to inbox for photos either via email or sms. Cheers
  11. Cheers guys! Keenfisho- I see snakes a lot but they don't bother me. Last session I saw three very large red bellies heads down with tails sticking right out of the water, foraging for food. One was massive! They were all sighted on a 50 metre stretch of bank. I see lots of Browns on the paths in and out too.