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  1. Not wrong sean! Hopefully improves by the wkend
  2. Havent brought cockle for sometime then hey, thats cheap mate!
  3. Whats it worth to get set up with some plastic and the moulds, wouldnt miond giving it a crack on a few but with all the plastics on the market these days is it worth it?
  4. Thats a nice fish rollas really solid mate
  5. Thats a nice fish :cheer: Nice fish mate, Hard to see it really but it doesnt look that big!
  6. We have some bigger c sinkers back in stock now for any needing them down here at Salisbury Tackleworld
  7. was only talking about this the other day, them seals have been there a while now and there is quite a few of them, seal is on the menu for the gw's how come it hasnt happened sooner or has it?Would be a site to see I reckon!
  8. heard the same thing no names mentioned but
  9. Would not need too put who on here mate.The word would get around anyway.All good things come too thoughs who wait.And if you do the wrong thing by someone either KARMA will get you or the person you sh@t on will.You would proberly want Karma too get you i would think.:whistle: :whistle:I'd hope so too!.Gees this topic went a bit longer than expected lolGood to see every1 is having fun
  10. I thought most people would have thought the same, A fast way to end up swimmimg back I reckon.
  11. yea dead right mate, technology these days does make it hard.But that is something that is out of your hands, its more the people who have taken spots whilest fishing on the boat that gets me going, to put it nice its bl**dy rude!!!!
  12. G Day all,Over the past few weeks Ive heard a few things around the traps about people pinching spots off others.Some spots are man made and people have put the hard yards into making them other spots are known spots but I dont think it makes a difference.Now Ive been going out on others boats for sometime now as I havent really had a boat of my own to fish on and not once no matter how good the spot I have never thought of either taking a pic with the gps coordinates in the back ground or taking a gps with me to track the way point have never even considered it.If this happen to me I would be very unhappy just thought I would chuck it out and see what others thought and if this has happened to you?
  13. Only just seen it now, I've got a dog fight last year it slayed the tuna ova at neptunes up to 30 kgs but you'll be looking at much bigger down there, we dont have 1 here, if you like I could see what the chances of getting 1 in would be and get back to ya, otherwise we have a couple of the saltigas in shop now.