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  1. might be start of a parasite. cut open a lump?
  2. long life milk containers 3/4 full of water make good frozen ice blocks that can be used a few times.
  3. ebay collectable!!!!!!!!!!! 150 200 dollars
  4. get a hessian bag or fertiliser bag . turn it inside out 1/2 way and place a rope through the top 2 cnrs. place over your shoulder and adjust the length of rope to suit the water depth you fish in as wet hessian keeps the fish cool. Used this sort for many years chasing y/fin top of the gulf. for the guys that can not get a hessian bag is try a laptop satchel over the shoulder.
  5. Well done alex. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. try a water bomb balloon tie to to trace hook line close to ther hook.
  7. red gum and white mallee at 20 bucks for a 40 kilo fertilizer bag
  8. once every 2 months sea fishing @about $400 a round trip and once a forinight river $2.00 bucks a trip, real pain being more than 200ks from the sea. cheers sds
  9. for starters more than one person spread over many square mtrs =too fast in a straight linepeople with their own supply of live gar bait whilst they were chilling.children+fast cars and barbed wire dont mix.people with a severe lack off red fluid flowing throughtout their bodypicking up the neighbor after 3 days on the bottom of the river.the birth of my son which deletes all the above. as for fishing just the mornful cry of an atlantic/king gull that sounds like someone calling for helplife goes on cheers sds115