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  1. Sucks to hear Chuck that's a fair whack of bad luck for the big fella. Hope ya kickin arse again soon Snaps.
  2. Used to see quite a few 50+ bream patrolling the pylons of most West Lakes foot bridges 10 - 12 years ago. Used to see schools of 30-40cm fish just hangin out then occasionally a beast that dwarfed them all would swim thru the school and scatter the lot of them lol was great viewing. Myself and Leethal were hitting up the entrance pipe area early one morning when a bloke pulled a monster on a whole pilly whilst mully fishin, easily the biggest bream ive ever seen the bloody thing took up nearly the whole bottom area of one of those frequently used crabbing tubs you see floating behind the rakers, remember standing there and could not get over the size of this fish. Was def a shame to see it dying there forsure woulda been old as. Also witnessed a 50cm fish caught off the old wharf next to the Jervois bridge on a squidgy wriggler in the dark around the same period of time I reckon.
  3. HAHAHA the komodo has performed well squidding for 3 days, def put it thru its paces on those line burning squid lol, best be getting myself down to DF to grab a couple
  4. Only caught one but Bluefin tuna on 8-10kg threadline gear for me.
  5. Easy one,Berkley Gulp Turtle-back Worm
  6. Ask about them on breammaster? hahahahahaaha. Dig up some of the old posts on em on BM and you will see the heartache these little fellas have caused lol.
  7. +1 for the slim beauty if tied properly never had one go, have used it on tuna at wedge, mullies here, Gts n queenies in darwin and it has performed beautifully every time, as well as sliding thru the guides nicely even with heavier braid and leader.
  8. Sorry for speaking the truth and having no faith in our useless fishwatch system. Someone had to tell it how it is. My patience ran out regarding fish thieves years ago.
  9. Strike & Hook does not promote illegal behaviour. Tampering with another persons gear, whether they deserve it or not, is an offence. - Ugly
  10. SFS Cavan hands down, 95% of my freshwater lures come from 4 local lure makers.
  11. Heart breaking stuff i really feel for you guys knowing that your fave spot has been destroyed by some brain dead tool. Sad thing is it will only get worse and i just cant see how they are going to tackle it.It will only stop when there are no fish left.
  12. I have a couple of daiwa reels but mostly shimano as well as a lonely abu baitcaster. For some reason i prefer a shimano for 1000-2500 sized reels but anythin 3000+ i prefer the feel of a daiwa, dont ask me why lol just personal preferance i guess. I am very one eyed when it comes to luring rods tho lol.