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  1. Great stuff..... I've watched this come together from day 1 and I tip my hat to you and all those involved, Well played sir!
  2. Hand lines for Squidding.....4 on my boat to cover an area quickly and effectively to get your limit.
  3. Do your rigging in the rigging area..... Not on the ramp.When launching your boat pull it to the rear of the pontoon so others can also launch.When retrieving pull it to the front of the retrieval lane pontoon.Look for priority lane times for launching and retrieving.(West Beach has signage)Don't leave anything out in the open and check out who's around the pontoon just in case.I've never had a problem and launch solo 95% of the time.Say hello to people and they'll keep an eye on your boat.Good Luck.
  4. Specialty Meats 8a West Thebarton Rd Thebarton is the place you need.
  5. The new Penn Prevail surf rods are good value rods at the moment.....Light weight/Graphite Blanks/K Series Guides.$179.
  6. These are apparently available at a tackle shop in Cavan......it's not SFS.
  7. Yo-Zuri Auri-Q RS Ultra-Colour FLHR 2.0Yo-Zuri Auri-Q-Colour HS 3.0Yo-Zuri Premium Aurie-Q RS-Colour YSD 2.5These colours work for me without fail every time....... Sometimes individually and sometimes on rotation.
  8. Pics still not working.[attachment]image.jpg[/attachment]
  9. Yeah it wasn't to bad to be honest.Ive got an electric motor on the boat with a function called "Spot Lock" so I put the leccy down go back to my seat( it has a remote) and watch my mark then press the Anchor button.It works off an internal GPS and will hold me there all day.In saying that though I looked over to another boat 40 odd metres away and every now and then you saw just there torso's the chop was that big.I thought the blokes back at the ramp would of thought we were a bit loose in the brain box.It was good to see what the boat could handle though and I think that was the limit..... Lol
  10. Hard to say but In those conditions ie. 20/25kph wind and strong current it was doing well.The remote has a scale of 1 to 10 for power output and it was sitting around 3 1/2.So not that hard......and I didn't move off the mark the whole time.The MinnKota has a "Maximiser" which means its really efficient.I run 2 batteries for my electric so I'm pretty safe power wise.
  11. Was met at the ramp at 5:30 am by my mate and 6 or so other boats parked up in the rigging area.Both my mates and my boats could be best described as "Estuary" type boats and with a reasonable chop your gonna get wet.After initially wanting to bail I decided to push out but vowed if I got 1 wave over the bow of my boat I was turning around.What would normally be about a 10min run took about 30min but I took it real easy.The minn Kota was deployed and "Spot Lock" engaged and we were away.The boat handled the swell/chop well considering.After making a few Jighead weight adjustments I had a good snapper on board measuring 76•5 cm and weighing 5kg.With that it was a slow cruise in and homeski.[attachment]image.jpg[/attachment]