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  1. dmck

    webcam upgrade

    Just the OH...?? some of the others are FU2
  2. dmck

    Keeping sounder wires tidy

    Silicone it in place
  3. dmck

    Keeping sounder wires tidy

    I ran mine in flexible conduit then used zip ties. You can get the conduit with a split in it so you push the cables in rather than thread them through
  4. dmck

    C sinkers

    I suspect the biggest problem will be getting the plastic centers made.
  5. dmck

    Where to live

    My preference is Smokey Bay....... but for the Mrs... its too far from the grand-brats....
  6. dmck

    Where to live

    Broughton is a good suggestion . Close to kadina and good fishing.
  7. dmck

    Where to live

    Just a short reply til I get time to write an encyclopedia on the subject. Pt Hughes, Pt Vic, Ardrossan and Wallaroo have better access to shopping AND MEDICAL facilities (at Wallaroo and Kadina) Local rumour is the Yorketown Hospital, which services the bottom end of YP, will close Wallaroo, Pt Hughes, Py Vic, Edithburgh and Point Turton have good boat ramps/marinas. Wool Bay is close to Edithburgh so you should also consider Coobowie. Places on the Eastern side of YP have more fishing days as the prevailing winds are mostly westerly. These places are sheltered by the land.. My personal opinion is they also have "better fishing". You should also look at Stansbury and Port Vincent, though shopping and medical will be an issue... and Moonta Bay, which is now part of the Pt Hughes spread. Hope this helps.
  8. dmck

    Slimy Mackeral

    Small ones for fantastic fresh snapper bait . Big ones for the smoker They are one of the nicest eating smoked fish. They do not freezer well for bait but ok for burley
  9. dmck

    Protecting Boat lisence

    I scanned mine, then printed it as a smaller version (several copies) and laminated the small copies. One in the wallet, 1 in the boat... all the time Had a PDF in my fone too... until I lost the micro-SD card
  10. dmck

    Question about Tuna oil

    I'm pretty certain that fish and fish offal are OK, else crabbing would be banned using nets. I've never heard of blood being used to mix with tuna oil, at least not as a commercial product.
  11. dmck

    Question about Tuna oil

    Many of the tuna oils available are a mix of tuna oil and 'something else', to thin it out and reduce the cost (read... increase the profit...) Check the packaging info for the % of tuna oil
  12. " MH370.... are you in trouble...???"
  13. dmck

    Boat retrieval gone horribly wrong....

    Global warming.... rising sea levels.
  14. dmck

    From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    Just 1 lens? Cant have been a serious evening! The problem comes when you travel. My camera gear nearly exceeds my weight limit
  15. dmck

    Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Just found it!! Just a money grab!! NO facilities at all coz its 'bush camping'. THis will upset the 'silver gypsies'.............. I note Mozzie FLats and Minlacowie are on the list, no longer free.
  16. dmck

    Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Hey Chuck.... where do you ger permits, please? Where did your info come from?
  17. dmck

    Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Try Port Minlacowie, cupla K's north of Hardwicke. Camping area about 600m Sth of the boat ramp- no facilities. Very rocky coast, good for squid, gar, tommies. I have seen Kingies and hammer heads in close. Or Mozzie Flat, 20Km due west of Edithburgh. Free camping with no facilities. Camping good behind sandhills, fishing difficult with southerlies blowing.
  18. dmck

    Tips and Gear for Landbased Fishing Cairns...

    Something to shoot crocs....
  19. dmck

    Just a quick question

    Stuff your kids!! If they are not happy inheriting rods and reels... dont leave them anything!!
  20. dmck

    Best way to avoid losing rigs in rocky spots?

    ...at the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious.... dont cast in to rocky spots.......... (I know..... I know....... I've been called that before...... )
  21. dmck

    Mirror image on glassy water...

    Do you still play marbles..????
  22. dmck

    Mirror image on glassy water...

    Any platypus in those quiet creeks? Ripper photo btw...! a brighter day would have enhanced the colours... "ya shooda waited!..."
  23. dmck

    Considering Going Barbless

    Poppa Snake and I must have the same optician.. I read it his way too (and in my opinion it is preferable!)