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  1. imported cockles are a waste of time they tend to be soggy and dnt hold on to the hook real well if u r going to use them u are better of brineing em before u use em
  2. r u still waiting for ya lid i orderd mine through bcf 2 weeks befor xmas still waiting lol
  3. dont wory felas it may get to a stage like in west aus were they are now being inundated with shark attacks then they will beg u guys to go out and catch them
  4. mick sa will hve to hve a crack at theses cockles and cook em the way u say .as last time i tryed em i got sick of spiting out sand
  5. wat a pearler of a day yesterday was met up with moggy and hslv as well as 4tha got our limit in about 2 hrs after id been smashed around by some killer waves lost 1 pair of sunnys and i think they may be half way to indoneasia by now so if anyone spot a boat person with sunnys there mine
  6. anyone no wat the size linit is on em
  7. it could be an oar fish these are mainly found in real deep water and can grow up to 7meters long but as the pic isnt of good quality it makes it hard to tell
  8. grew up on a farm in wa so weekends id spend traping em they go well with duck in a pie and with savoury balls gota get the recipie of me mum been ages since ive eaten wabit
  9. best one ive seen was a mate was lure fishing one xmas day wen his 30 dollar lure got caught in some rocks so he climbed down and got it free then he yanked it out of the water it came sailing at him and got hooked in his ear was lauthing my head off while waiting in the emergency room at the local hospital for them to cut the thing out of his ear whish i had acamera at the time
  10. loves me seafood will eat anything i can catch favourite is salt and pepper squid or oysters natural hve eaten sea urchins ans loved the taste of em also razor fish mind u u need a shit load to make a feed hve a greek mate who pickels razor fish and they go down well with a couple of:d/
  11. just chuck mine on turn it over and take it off blue for me
  12. my god if it wasnt for they guys on here given me the odd spot i wouldnt be getting fish or hve the amount of frnds ive made here most of em here
  13. off to moonta as of 11 oclock just me and the missus no tin lids so can get a lil fishing in also show the other half how to drive the old girl this trip so i do a few trawls hopefully get few fish as the last lot i bought has just run out:fishing:
  14. k second looks like it may be an old starbuck circa 1930s made of mahogany wood type in english antigue wooden fishing reels and it will show you a few sites if it is a starbuck its worth around 150 bucks in good condition ya barfleet is woth up to 400 fully restored so both rare and collectors items acording to the info i found they were used for salmon http://www.scientificcollectables.com/page_enlarge014.htm this is the link for the site pen
  15. k first reel is made of rose wood date is somwhere between 1950 and 1960 i think mate collects old reels so once he get back to me will let you no more as i think i saw 1 in his collection