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  1. As far as I am aware the guys seems to get more down brighten way.No much around North Haven way altho could be different in a boat.
  2. MULLANUGGET wrote: Better watch out, weaver will get you.
  3. Sorry nev, tried to download pics but phone is r/s.
  4. carps wrote: Good one carps Have a karma.
  5. I would suggest sea lice as well.A S/T I caught the other week had one on it's tail.
  6. He be in deep shite if he landed on the marlin spear (for the want of a better word).
  7. pescados


    afishyfish wrote: Several of us regularly fish the Torrens river in the city centre, ewhich is a great way to spend a relaxing aftrenoon, though the local birdlife can be ............. interesting at times Things certainly DO happen in on the Torrens Chevin ;)Somones gonna murderate me for showing this AGAIN and They are my personal bests, but I believe larger ones are definitely around the place :ohmy: Just as well you're going to Cairns aff, might be your salvation
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    vb4me wrote: What size hooks did you convert to vb ?Been thinking the same but not sure of hook up rate,would be a lot easier tho.
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    Welcome to Strike hook chevin, hope you enjoy your time here.OK guys, those of you who might be able to assist chevin, could you please send your responses straight to chevin, many thanks.
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    chevin wrote: Hi chevin , have sent you a pm with responses from pin point and benny.Since you joined strike hook will ask the guys to contact you direct seeing the ice is broken
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    benny wrote: Replied to you pm benny.Thanks.
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    pin point wrote: Thanks pin point and have replied.
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    Hi guys,This is a request from a moderator on another sitewho lives in Perth WA.Any takers ??Hi Guys, I wonder if one or two of you in SA can help me. I will be in Adelaide on18th, 19th and 20th of September, and I would love a day's carp fishing. I will be stating in Hackham and I can have a carp rod and reel with me. However, I will not be able to manage landing net, rod rests or chair etc. I would be very grateful if one of you can help me out.chevinWhat I would really like is for someone to be able to spend a day fishing with me. I haven't a clue as to where I might go or where I am allowed to fish. I would just like to catch a few carp as a bit of a nostalgic thing, I used to do a lot of carp fishing when I lived in England and knowing that there are quite a few in the Adelaide area, I thought I would have a go for them during my time there which is in late September and over a weekend.
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    ninja wrote: Hey mate,I have Geoff Wilson's book of knots with DVD, shoot me a PM and I will I will arrange to get it to you, the DVD is awesome, just use the pause and slow mo button you will be set.DameHi Dame, many thanks for the offer, have send you a pm.