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  1. It's ok line but far from good quality. Fg knot will strengthen your connection better than any other knot.
  2. 3 twists would hold a better blood knot for 6lb
  3. Iv'e ordered the eazy knotter 2.0 from Plat a few days ago, hoping this will help with the odd inconsistency in the lighter line classes and also speed up the knot tying, just have to re learn the new method now I always use a lighter to burn the mono/fluro and sometimes the braid tag end to make a small nub, still goes through micro guides no problem and gives a little extra insurance.
  4. Piranha

    GoPro Hero 3

    When i was looking at memory cards for my go pro3 the salesperson mentioned that some lesser known brand cards and ones with not enough memory can cause problems with them! may not be the issue but thought it worth mentioning..
  5. the reel is the problem not the line imo magnetic cast control will need adjusting when swapping from mono to braid because theres much less resistance with braid.
  6. some 20lb sunline castaway will ensure you get plently of extra casting distance 50lb line for salmon is way overkill.
  7. Double uni for 10lb and under, FG for heavier, it's a simple knot to tie and like Chief mentioned if done properly unbreakable on fish, I couldn't even break the leader connection when snagged up the murray recently using the leccy and outboard for power, it just bends big cod hooks straight!
  8. A snelled ZX assist hook would be the go, will increase hookups to fish and snags
  9. sunline castaway and Daiwa TD sensor are my best picks.
  10. True weaver but one worth travelling Tinker, 1 inland fisheries officer would be a start
  11. A fully independant organisation that has PIRSA by the short and curlies, they would need political power and a team of scientists to enable them to fight their way through pirsa's one eyed policies in order to be of benifit to rec fishers.
  12. I have a t curve tournament snapper 2.13m 1 piece 5-8kg cast weight 10-30g but has no issues throwing up to 60g slugs/poppers.
  13. Very true, a lot of fisherman don't realise that a high percentage of fish that are close to the end of their life cycle have far less breeding capabilities because of their age, Grandma finds it difficult to concieve and it's no different for a lot of fish species. There have been big sways to managing fisheries by introducing slot sizes elsewhere around the world to ensure species can reproduce in their prime for a healthy gene pool and keep fisheries viable.
  14. Piranha

    zman grubs

    Good tip, add to that leaving them in the packet and temp getting over 25deg, they melt into a lump of snot,, far better plastics on the market that don't melt and do the same job imo.
  15. Nice kingfush, wonder if they caught it on a Karwi?