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  1. rocknev

    sept 12 storm

    this was a bit better result than the last chase was.. drove 400kms from whyall to wilpena pound and back for zero photos.. nailed a roo though causing a lot of damage.. but the terrano still lives to fight another day..
  2. just happened to be my 47th birthday.. mum and dad couldnt be with me, so they sent me a present from heaven.. (R.I.P.)
  3. cheers all..enjoyed doing this..
  4. im hearing wilson now make the new snyderglas rods.. im just hoping they are up to the quality of the old babies.. ive got a two piece snyder and that will bend just like the one piece without showing signs of letting go.. gotta love being hooked up so solid you can play smoke on the water on the line if you pluck it
  5. if you decide to go with the alvey reel, i would be hooking it up with a snyderglas set up for an alvey..has a short butt, so the reel can sit low.. ive seen the alvey rod, but im not really a fan of it to be honest.. the rod should have a large oversized eye as the first eye, and pretty much in the middle of the rod... an alvey rod bucket strapped around waist is a great idea.. they help a lot with winding in, keeping the reel in a great comfy position.. another plus with the alvey is the star drag, not a fan of the lever drag or the B series alveys.. 650c, 700c, alvey..with the star drag is second nature now to tighten or loosen drag with a finger..just falls into line maturally after a while.. saves farting about with a front or rear drag on a spinner.. but again, im biased to the alveys and snydersthis is my 153 7 wrap one piece snyderglas.this is my C'MERE rod... .. hooked onto a rather large eagle ray.. i will break before that rod does.. im 5ft8, stocky ( read chunky ) and 100kg.. im laying into that rod as best i can... the rod loves it... not bad for a 30yr old rod
  6. reel? is there anything other than an alvey? not for me for a surf rod anyway....
  7. im biased.. but M12/144 snyderglas is a great rod..
  8. not in adelaide but swear by my alveys for rock and beach fishing.. tough as nails...
  9. rocknev

    Alvey reels

    always a pleasure to fish with del and softy,,,, had a fish with samrota last night... just on dusk, sam seen that snyder bend double and that alvey scream its bazookas off... missed that fish but got the little one that ate what was left of the bait 5 seconds later..
  10. well done mr and mrs scaleytom.. the pics you have sent me are great... can see the proudness you all have of a beutiful lad.
  11. rocknev

    Alvey reels

    each to their own ausea....i use a spinner from boat or chasing squid land based, sometimes an abu7000 from boat... and the alvey for rocks and beaches... been using alveys for 20+ yrs, and for me they are the reel of choice... ive got 4 brothers... 3 who fish... all of us use alveys, snyderglas' or butterworth rods.. not one rod is under 20yrs old.. i can strip an alvey down on the rocks/sand/ even the moon.. they just that simple.ive got 4 alveys... 650C, 650C5, a deep spool 651C which holds 1000mtrs of 20lb, and got given a rare beast the other day... thought it was identical to my deep spool 651, and it is.. but then its not...????? cant say ive ever seen a left handed alvey before .. but i have now.. im changing it to a right handy so i can use it..i would put my alvey and snyder up against any rod and reel combo out there.. for toughness and durability its just so hard to go past an alvey...old school? maybe.. but that can be a good thing.. i cant say ive seen a current car that turns my head... to see a clubsport commo, and next to it a 6 cylinder stocky with the same body kit.. and shudder... CHEVY badges... sort of have a good laugh about that.. but each to their own..
  12. rocknev

    Alvey reels

    nice video... but are you trying to tell me that reel doesnt get a full clean down and lube afterwards? doubt it
  13. rocknev

    Alvey reels

    alvey make a 2 speed alvey.... never seen one, but theres a video on youtibe of it in action ... remember the time one of jimmies mates turned up with a brand name big spinner del? all bright and shiny in gold and black.. wont mention the brand name... first cast, retrieve, snagged... couldnt shift it, so walk backwards as normal holding the spool to break the line without bending the rod.. almighty expensive sounding noise... and end of 500 doller spin reel.. we pulled apart for a look and ball bearings falling out from everywhere... this was a brand new virgin reel... used for all of one cast... now consider that to an alvey, mine are yrs old... (20+ yrs some of them)have been dropped, smashed, fell on, fell out of car, submerged in salt water,covered in dust from long drives to spots sitting in rod racks on bonnet of car, and gone yrs without so much as a rinse off, let alone an oil or grease... ( bro lost his at sheringa for over half an hr to the crashing surf.. when found, rinsed off in ocean and carried on fishin)i might be biasedm but will ANY other reel be able to work completly as it should after being subject to any of the things alveys go through? VERY much doubt it... your saying because you dont see them they are not popular? i cant remember the last time i seen a real gt falcon, or a real gts bathurst monaro,a real GTR XU1 torana? yeah its been a while... just because you dont see them doesnt mean they are not about... go to qld and see just how many alveys are used.. PLENTY of them ... maybe one day matey i might get to have a fish with you..maybe show just how good an alvey can be... if you fall asleep on the rocks dont worry... if the alvey goes off it will wake you up..
  14. have a 144 8 wrap snyderglas.... but also use a 153 7 wrap snyderglas as well.. thats my C'MERE rod... dont use it often, can cast about the same as the 12ft, but its not as whippy to sail a bait out with.. damn i love that big snyder though....
  15. rocknev

    latest storm

    well done sam... was thining of heading out last night.. but after spending all day putting up a veranda i was pretty much dead by 4pm... still got carport to do as well