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    another storm

    read the other week one strike has enough energy to boil 8 million cups of coffee.. always wondered if it would kill any fish, and found out anything in a 20mtr radius in the ocean would prob die i also read..
  2. rocknev

    another storm

    darwin is on my bucket list.. mate and myself are right into chasing storms.. my camera ia just a 900 buck canon eos1000d digital slr.. mates camera gear is a tad more expensive than that.. just the body alone without lenses cost him 3500.. hes prob got around 10k of camera gear.. but luck plays most part in getting lightning pics.. have been VERY lucky at some of the photos... nothing really comes close to the photo i captured last year though.. was offered 300 bucks for that, but nope.. there is but one, and its a 30 x 20 framed behind glass on my wall.. will post it for the benifit for new members who may not have seen it.. there are other pics in the photography section for those interested.some cracker photos from other people who also like to get out and watch the sky light up..
  3. see it coming on radar but looked like it would miss whyalla... so off in car to redbanks at arno bay for some photos.. a lazy 300kms drive there and back.
  4. well done.. you might want to get it insured.. cameras dont float.. i know this.... :dry:
  5. its a pretty good deal.. certainly if i was in the market again it would be on my list.. the lenses are pretty good quality as well.. and a clear or uv lens filter over the front is the first thing i would buy .. protects the lens proper from scratches... talking professional lenses is another ball game.. friend with same lens as my big one, but a 78mm instead of a 58mm... very nice lens.. but at $1700 JUST for the lens it aint that good...for me anyway .. im a tightwad
  6. just looked at the site you posted.. the lens as per harvey norman supplies with camera comes to $992...harveys are asking 1,045 for the same thing.. hit them up for cash and you be surprised what you may get it for
  7. not a bad camera.. mate has one.. check out harvey normans or someplace like that.. they often have package deals of twin lens kits.. and are very good value when added up buying seperately.. my canon eos100d i paid less than 900 for with the twin lenses... to buy seperatly i was looking around the 1200 mark, even on ebay... much easier for warrenty etc etc if any problems.. i never pay what they ask.. even if on special... they knocked another 50 off for paying cash even when it was on special...
  8. always pays to go a size or two over as well.. that way 2 pairs of socks and some decent trackies underneath.. for extended fishing ive worn thermal underwear as well.. no fun being cold for hours on end
  9. clean cuttlefish.... place in pot... add water... add an old work sock... simmer to the boil for 2 hrs.. throw cuttlefish away and eat the sock.. will taste better...
  10. im sure you blokes are friggen vampires..
  11. reckon my late dad could beat it.. his filliting knife was razor sharp... filleting whiting, flies everywhere.. one lands on his hand.. instinct was to hit it.. so he did.. with the knife... cut the fly in half and kept going until it reached the bone of his thumb.. hospital trip and much stitches..
  12. HOLY HELL.. I JUST LOOKED AGAIN.. I RECKON I CAN STILL SEE A HEARTBEAT... no way would i even try to eat this steak.. it aint dead.. cremate it and give me a call..
  13. ive been pretty lucky other than the rolled ankles etc etc.. worst ive done is fall backwards onto my conduit rod spike.. got me in lower back, and i couldnt move for half an hr.. thought i had done some serious damage, but after doc visit and xrays turned out to be deep bruising.. half my back went black.brother went for a tumble after a huge snapper run.. sitting down jumped up and face first.. also didnt move.thought he was out cold, but he yelled grab the fish ahhaaha.. hooked it gave to mate to reel in, and he lost it.helped bro up, and looked like dislocated shoulder,, into hospital, but no, he had snapped his shoulder blade and broke collerbone.6 weeks later after still not being able to move his arm correctly, they did another xray and found he had also broken his arm in the tumble..
  14. http://therocknews.com.au/2012/04/16/f-look-what-happened-to-dammos-barra/
  15. how sweet is that.. nice fish and well done
  16. its definatly not easy to catch a snapper these days.. i sitll believe it has less to do with skill and more to do with luck.. credit to the people that looked at the weather and decided to stay close, fish the calmer waters, of just stay ashore and wait for a window.. sure some of the boats are big enough to tackle the waves, but judging by the size of some of the trailers in the parking lot, some silly people around.. even a friend of mine fishing with her hubby and 7 yr old daughter said it was a bit rough.. she got a bit upset with me when i said she had no buisness being out there in a 17 ft boat.. even more so with a young child on board... she got the huff with me... i guess im not as silly as i thought i was... no way would i have been sitting in a boat in that weather.. the rocks were awesome though... even at midnight it was sloppy and crappy under the full moon...i even found a bloke selling sausages at that time.. which was more than welcome.
  17. there was a bigger fish caught one yr by a local ( and member of this forum) but was disallowed on a technicality ( VERY PETTYcomplaint imho) ... cant remember the weight but it was a honker...
  18. well turns out the fish pic i got sent, is the same fish as leading.. was bit of a puzzle until was informed the pic i have is the guys son holding it on the boat... heres a pic of the leading fish.with his lad holding it.. hell its one solid fish for sure..
  19. just recieved a pic of what could be the new leader... went 15.5 on the boat, but is looking a lot bigger than that... they racing in now for weigh
  20. its going to take a big fish to knock off the current leader caught by a local at 15.2.kg....but tis doable....
  21. today looks much better.. still windy but pretty flat, and the ramp certainly shows how eager people are.. not many vacant parks left if any... good luck to all.. catch that memorable fish and bring home the bacon.
  22. sad day indeed... thoughts are with the families.. tragic loss of life
  23. not a lot of snapper anywhere it seems.. ust back from the rocks and not a sniff all night.. im on one legal for the yr so far.. hell i should be knocking over double figures by this time.. not from lack of trying either... even hitting some spots ive not fished for many yrs hoping they are there to no avail.. i thought k&r charters had their license revoked? guess im wrong...cruised past the marina just now, and only two empty trailers... some nutters around thats for sure.. funny how they both had vic plates.. enuff said.welcome to the weird and wonderful whyalla waves... they never consistent.. have been out in some bad stuff.. the last week has had flat water every day... that changed as has happened before in this comp..i reckon it mightbe time to put the comp to bed... doesnt seem to have the excitment any longer...watched the launch as i do every yr, and there was only me, my bro, and maybe 10 others watching.. a few yr ago there would have been 100 people watching them leave...still amases me though how efficient the ramps are used.. the last boat to launch was just 25 minutes after the start.. fantastic effort..did see a few mishaps though... one bloke too eager oushed his boat off his trailer, straight into the front of another boat waiting for room to reverse... credit to the owner of the boat hit that he didnt do his chewy, just shook his head and got on with it.disapointed in lack of respect for the 4knot speed limit in the marina though.. at 4 there should'nt really be a bow wave... hell one bloke almost was on the plane...
  24. these are thr trips you remember though.. sadly, i went for a look down the beach.. and not everyone is heading the warning, with boats out ( judging by the trailers not very big boats either ) with more launching as i drove past.. dickheads... NO fish or prize is worth the risk.. as you may have found out, when its rough here its a different kind of rough.. we dont get the long swells.. its more of a washing machine with waves coming short sharp and everywhere... good luck for rest of the comp...oh, on a plus side.. IM LOVING THIS WIND... hitting the rocks around 9:30 for a session.. perfect for my fishing..