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    storm 2/4/12

    me and a mate share the lightning chasing thibg,, he was spewing.. i told him i was heading up, and offered a chair to tag along, but he declined after looking at the radar and deciding it was heading away... hes not happy now hahahaha
  2. a good size chunk of snapper lead is the go to ping it out.. but if rocky, spoon sinkers tend to work better as they seem to plane to the top ... learnt that from softy and del... if in doubt, check the recommended weight sticker on the rod.
  3. rocknev

    storm 2/4/12

    hahahah,, the wifes 4wd.. hell it bloody almost was actually.. her lawyer is better than my lawyer... but fora 4 grand truck with 325,000 on the clock shes a great old beast.. TOTAL trust in that nissan.. if i want to go anywhere i just fuel up and im gone
  4. rocknev

    storm 2/4/12

    this is what i had behind me heading there...
  5. rocknev

    storm 2/4/12

    seen it on radar, so headed off to port augusta from whyalla to try get pics.. was too far away, so another 40kms towards roxby to chase it.. got a few, but should have gone another 50kms to really get some photos...
  6. bhahahahaah.. hey kept it short didnt i? hahahahahaah.. good luck matey
  7. prob read it many times but here goes.... hahaha'rock fishing does it for me.. i find a boat pretty boring...ALVEY 650C5... and 12 ft snyderglas ... brilliant rod, brilliant reel...
  8. dirty water gets me loading some bait and making rigs.... PERFECT for snapper to come in close and pick off smashed crabs etc ...
  9. my other snyder.. a one piece 7/153.. this is my C'MERE rod.. will handle anything that swims.... will do a better job than i will thats for sure.have had this rod for 25 yrs...
  10. hes not doing too well actually.. after a costly rebuild of the hemi in the challendger, he blew it to pieces last weekend... doesnt look pretty.. when you coming back down to reclaim the track record matey?
  11. mate of mine imports muscle cars/boats/jetskies from the states.. he recently landed a funny car for drag racing.. all up landed was 30k... hell the engine is worth that more alone if it was built here... and people wonder why we shop overseas or in another state... some big coin to be saved, and these days not much hassles to bring something in... the importers do all the paperwork and hunting down what you are after.. if anybody thinking of bringing in something send me a private message and i will post a link to his importing buisness... hes not a bad lad... cept too much raspberry cordial comes to mind with him. hahaha, hes full on hyper at times
  12. ditto on the snyderglas... match to an alvey for the times when the reel WILL fall in the sand or get a soaking from a rouge wave.. rinse it out and carry on fishing... like to see that done to a spinner without destroying something inside... yeah im biased... 25 yrs on the my snyder and alvey... though the old alvey creams the new alvey for sound, feel and toughness.. they dont make them like they used to , but still better for the sand than anything else around imho...good luck matey
  13. rocknev


    very nice indeed.. good job
  14. mate sent me this.. freakin hell it goes nutshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoHXPvc5y3Y&feature=share
  15. camera is a canon eos1000d. digital slr.. i use wide angle lens, set on manual, with F5.6 shutter, and time exposure of 20 - 30 second... white balance is set on fluroescent, thats what gives it the blue hue. tripod is a must, and i use a remote trigger..more luck than anything.. try to predict where the lightning will happen next, hit the button and wait for it to time out.. if multible strikes in the time set, it will capture them all.. prob took close to 100 photos..to capture a few pics.. but i find it good fun.. good luck mate
  16. been slow boon.. only caught one this yr so far.. lost 5 to snags, and watched another swim away from my feet when he spat the hook at the last second.. but will get out as much as i can.. cant catch them at home
  17. was that good, del rang me from port niel, 180 sth of me, and told me he could see the flashes from there.. and he was high and dry
  18. had a storm come through.. was heading for a fish but glad i didnt.. had bucketloads of rain and flash flooding around the place... mangaed a few photos, before it got just too heavy .
  19. very nice.. love the roll of the clouds
  20. was reading this story with baited breadth thinking what else can happen.. thanks mate...
  21. hahaha, my bad.. im old grey and losing eyesight...
  22. have to agree with boondog.. snyderglas all the way for me... had my 8144 for over 20 yrs, and the big daddy C'MERE 7153 snyderglas.. matched with alvey..
  23. sounds like you got the rod and reel covered.. as for the line, for rocks forget braid.. i spooled the alvey with braid, then took it off and binned it the next day after one trip.. braid and rocks dont go together one bit.. prob ok for the beaches, but falls apart on sharp rocks.. cant even remember the name of the stuff i used, but was a name brand... sticking to mono for rocks from now on.