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  1. its the one you dont see thats the problem
  2. none of us are big drinkers.. maybe a few a few times a mth if we lucky...he uses a handline sometimes,, but thats easy to fix.. just move foot around and the handline is useless hahaha.. he doesnt like that
  3. good solid fish matey.. hell they fight well at this size dont they... well done
  4. its a first believe me... he slays me on the whiting, i slay him on the rock snapper... i was just chuffed to finally beat him.. for say 24 whiting , i would be lucky to get 7... he would clean up the rest....
  5. bro's boat, which was my dads when he was alive.. wish i had 10 cents for every fish landed in this boat... would make me a happy bloke....spose i can claim some of it.. used my car to tow it yesterday... hahahaha
  6. headed out whyalla waters yesterday... by passed the normal haunt where bagging out is almost regular, because we heard of some bigger whiting being caught, so went for a look.didnt get as many , but 14 isnt too bad i guess...for the first time EVER.. i beat my bro on the whiting.. but he certainly kicked my butt in the size of fish.. , so whats a guy to do? OF COURSE... steal the fish for a photo,who wouldnt..final tally was 8 - 6 my way, but he got 3 over 40cm.not one fish under 39cm.. with the biggest going 47cm... he caught it on handline, and thought he was playing a dogshark..
  7. hats off to another stunning photo.. we missed most of the storm here in whyalla, with around 100 photos taken by me, for one so so pic which didnt touch ground... but thats half the challendge... got to bed at 2am, and up at 4am for another go when it came back in again.. too far away though
  8. LOVE EM BOTH.. .. thanks for sharing... one of my passions is getting out and trying to capture lightning as well.. hopefully later tonight i might get some more from around whyalla, but so far its looking like its going around us... :dry:
  9. Ive caught a lot of callop in my time and that looks to me like a Bronzie Awsome pic and great Vid.. oh it aint no bronzie thats for sure... its a whitey... a look at the side fin and that black eye is all you need to know its a whitey.. not a huge one, but yeah definate whitey.....
  10. probably phosperous you could smell.. thats why when its lightning and raining the grass grows better... the rain collects the stuff as its in the air.. last year we had a massive bolt hit a 300 tonne press we have outside our workshop.. we were 20 mtrs away and scared crap out of us.
  11. was asked in a text to post my previsous best pic up, so here it is.. taken dec 2010...
  12. few more from the same morning.. not as blue becasue the sun wasnt coming up.
  13. thanks all.. one of my passions, after fishing of course... and its such a buzz
  14. home of the snapper astroman.. whyalla... pics taken from hummock hill.
  15. while im at it might just post a few of the same morning but without lightning in them.. sun was coming up, camera set on flurescent setting which gives it that lovely purple/ blue hue about it...
  16. great work.. love the storms.. that would be the same storm that hit here yesterday i reckon..i was stuck in the bloody doctors and missed the lot.....
  17. you got it moggy .can see the boat ramp and for once, i was the only soul there... guess everyone else slept through the thunder.. i even msg my mate whos right into photos, but he left his phone in the kitchen.. needless to say, hes not very happy with me at the moment hahaahaha... he turned up as i was leaving and the sun was almost up.
  18. woke at 4:30am to the sound of thunder.. headed off and got some so so pics, then a couple of crackers...canon EOS1000D camera with F5.6,, 30 second shutter on 1st pic, and 20 seconds on the 2nd pic....
  19. spose this is as good a time as any to mention im on 16 legal snapper from the rocks so far this year... im slipping.... should be up around the 25 mark for this time of yr,,,,
  20. heard a good rumour from a very reliable source, saying the pros from across the gulf are back in whyalla waters... and apprently took 30 tonne a few weeks ago... IF its true, thats just stupid fishing... the value per kg would be so low its would struggle to meet expenses...
  21. heard a story which was pretty reliable, about 3 families from the eastern states, who bought a cheap run down house here in whyalla after each chipping in, keep boats at the place, and come over often to slay our big reds.... ive seen more than one big f150 with huge eskies in the back with eastern states plates in town at various times.. come empty, and leave fully loaded
  22. anytime del.. you and softy always welcome here bud
  23. your gonna love them rods.....