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  1. Good news, it seems: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-20/alvey-reels-remain-open-months-after-closure-announcement/9680648 Cheers af
  2. Hi ScaledUp For land-based, this guide put together by Shane Mensforth has some options (as well as boat): https://sealink-cms-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/File/pdf/KI Fishing Locations by Shane Mensforth.pdf For a great Charter, you can't go past Gavin Solly's operation (based out of Western River): http://kangarooislandadventures.com.au Cheers af
  3. If this is confirmed, European Carp and Tilapia will pale in comparison as a problem: https://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/amazon-predator-threatens-barra-in-the-pioneer-riv/3311991/ Cheers af
  4. Most recipes are not complicated, doobs... Big W at Seaford still had a few copies left as of this afternoon Cheers af MJ - there are 400 pages, but one picture per recipe, therefore 200 recipes - sorry if I was a little imprecise
  5. Evening all... I read somewhere just before Christmas that a good way to thaw frozen prawns was to chuck them into some freshly-gathered seawater to preserve the natural taste. I tried this and the results were excellent. Further investigations on the interweb have suggested that this practice is fraught with the possible danger of contracting any number of life-threatening diseases. (?!) I realise that the source of the gathered seawater would obviously be a consideration, but if it is a pristine location, should that be a problem? I also tried a brine solution of 40gm of rock salt per litre of fresh water which seemed to work equally as well, but was not as convenient or "organic". Any thoughts? Cheers af
  6. As an impulse buy, I picked up a copy of this at Big W today: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/fast-seafood/p/651712/ Checked it out tonight - there are a lot of interesting recipes in there (400 pages worth). Cheers af
  7. Hi Dylbaa I'm not in a position to personally recommend any particular product, but I have heard good words about the following (the first two being Duo products): http://www.duo-australia.com.au/press-bait-saira/ http://www.duo-australia.com.au/tide-vib-slim-140/ and, for something different there is this: http://www.jmgillies.com.au/product/classic-bluewater-f18-120mm/ Just a few more options to consider... All are readily available from tackle shops in the Adelaide metro area. Cheers af
  8. Hope this is not taking this topic too far off-thread, but as someone who appreciates a good knife (in particular what the Japanese craftsmen produce), I love seeing what these guys are doing: https://shun.kaiusaltd.com/knives https://www.chefsarmoury.com Some works of art there... Cheers af
  9. I wouldn't get too cut up about it, TL... Cheers af
  10. Some interesting new research/theories from "The New Daily" 16/12/17: https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2017/12/14/shark-attack-hotspots-australia/?utm_source=Responsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20171216_Saturday Cheers af
  11. In the Northern Territory (and to a lesser extent in Queensland), your good old saltwater crocodile stories are basic fare for headlines and media beat-ups. Further south, sharks are the go-to to try and gather a few "shock and horror" reactions from readers/viewers. I think reporter Alexis Perry deserves a huge pat on the back from Uncle Rupert for introducing a story about a "Massive great white shark spotted near Esperance, WA" with a "helpful" video of a 6m Basking Shark (which is generally described as being "harmless"): http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/thats-an-85m-patrol-boat-massive-great-white-shark-spotted-in-esperance-wa/news-story/f64a57c11947188670d97b860a443895 Idiots! Rant over... Cheers af
  12. Dunno whether this comes strictly under the heading of "Latest Fishing Purchases", but I'll go with a fairly tenuous connection anyway! Picked up one of these when I was down at Homewares Direct today: http://www.homewaresdirect.com.au/swissmar-shucker-paddy-universal-oyster-knife.html Will be interesting to compare it to what has always been my "Go-to" (i.e. Dexter-Russell Boston S120), but the dude who designed this one has "form", as you might say: Cheers af
  13. Lots of interesting research/discussion on how line colours change with depth as well... Cheers af
  14. If you want head even further west, you can try a spot at which I've previously had success a few years ago. It's at Middleton, just out from the car park near Bondi Place...lot less crowded as well. Cheers af
  15. Hi dandan If you're really keen to get a definitive identification, I've attached a link to a previous post I made: Cheers af
  16. I agree with Meppstas that it certainly look like some sort of Anglerfish - my money is on this one: https://australianmuseum.net.au/image/whitespotted-anglerfish-at-edithburgh Cheers af
  17. Clam and Mussel Chowder? Cheers af
  18. Sounds like an interesting concept - will be interested to hear feedback from other members on this site. To be honest, I think I would already be carrying enough crap out to a fishing site, without toting the odd star dropper or two. Cheers af
  19. Hi bob23 To quote a red-headed former fish and chip shop owner, "Please explain"... Forgive my ignorance, but a quick Google search has not helped me to understand what a "wading table" is. Can you throw any further light on what you are seeking? Cheers af
  20. As a massive jerky fan, I have been contemplating purchasing a dehydrator for a while. I know you can do jerky in a very slow oven for an extended length of time, but the dehydrator option seems the go. In the interim, I purchase my weekly fix from Barossa Fine Foods. While researching dehydrators, I found this: http://www.eziconcepts.com.au/Recipes/EziDri/Jerky.aspx Hope this may be helpful. Cheers af
  21. A sad day, indeed...Alvey has been part of the lives of countless Australian fishers.
  22. Hope the experts can quickly pin down what caused such a severe anaphylactic reaction, Poppa - best wishes for a rapid recovery. Cheers af
  23. I realise you have limited time over that way, ppkayak, but the Gellibrand River is another option between Warrnambool and Apollo Bay... http://www.exploreaustralia.net.au/Victoria/South-West-Coast/Princetown/Gellibrand-River/Fishing-spot Cheers af
  24. More info on the Hopkins here: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/fisheries/recreational-fishing/fishing-locations/hopkins-river If you want to head further upstream, there are trout to be had: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/fisheries/recreational-fishing/fishing-locations/inland-angling-guide/hopkins Cheers af
  25. Hi Sheep Please be aware that cast nets are illegal to use in SA. (Refer to smokeykebab's post above) Cheers af