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  1. good work mate and great too see ya back on ol salty never had any success in june before i recon this month will be full on over there this year .. metho firms them up but fresh is best i tryed something different last year froze alive as normal then defrosted in a small tub of sea water def keeps them firmer and no metho flavor will get over ur way soon mate and catch up for a froffy or coffee
  2. its all still there from last year cheers mate keen as again
  3. they look choice mate done some killhoopsys the other day also sweet chilli wossy bacon with a prawn on top delish
  4. i steam mine so keep for 3-4 days (not that they last that long) ..boiled u should be right for 2-3 days store upside down in the crisper if raw or boiled
  5. Was throwing a few arrows with my cuz and got a knock on the door ..Micky from Micks Winch '' got a Christmas prezzie for ya Hoopsy'' a new Chain Sock for the winch... shes nearly 8 years old now so was due for a bit of Bling ..Too top it off also got a kilo of SA finest King Prawns in my fridge now your a legend mate just got too get it wet again now WHICH WINCH ?? if you do Facebook give his new page a like few Competitions coming up soon also https://www.facebook.com/MicksWinch/
  6. i never go fishing with out them mate like putting blood in the water for sharks .. good for when the fish are there but wont bite as TF said i use them as as a berly//they definatly turn the KGs on even for the bloke next too u if he aint using them ..gun bait
  7. somw solid fish there mate great too see young fellas into fishing instead of xboxs/pokemon crap great report and pics once again mate
  8. hoopsy

    Crab cooker

    yer same here steam up over 40 crabs at a time no probs clean them green 1/2 them and steam only way too do it
  9. good effort considering its a seal haven down there these days those fresh salmon pattys look pretty damn good too
  10. stop eating the BAIT mate lol do u know how many KGW could of been caught with that lot?? ..doesnt look too bad tho
  11. @BB that was a great night but unfortunatly the food hasnt improved at all
  12. dont do alot of jetty fishing these days but as stated above the ol golf buggy works a treat can laod all ya gear esky crab nets ect..use too amaze me what i could get on it and so easy too pull down too ya spot too
  13. bit quite everywhere mate prime whiting time but cant get away from the heater getting soft with age
  14. hoopsy

    Crab cooker

    i recon Cookie use too have them at St Kilda Tackle Tucker a few years back not sure if he still does but he would know where to get them from if not they look pretty simple too make also just need a old kettle element silicon and a plastic bucket ,mate
  15. cheers mate its amazing how much damage water can do..the bridge too so much debree before she let go those drones are unreal can see why people complain of invasion of privacy with them