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  1. Excellent stuff mate, Thank you
  2. Just downloaded it myself, Very useful little app mateWould it be possible to add Goolwa Beach please, It would be good for the cocklers amongst us :cheer:
  3. I just use the original Polariods, Get em from Big W for about 30 bucksThey're light, They're cheap and they work and I'm not devastated if they fall overboard
  4. Pretty sure Parsun and Tohatsu are two different manufacturers (Actually I know they are)Parsun = Chinese and Tohatsu = JapaneseI know which one I would buy and it wouldn't be the Chinese one, Tohatsu have a very good reputation for reliability so if it was my money/life on the line the Toey would win hands down
  5. Yeah those Willow type eskies are crapHave a look at the Techniice range, They get a good wrap around the place and are fairly well pricedhttp://www.techniice.com/ice-box-categoriesI think SAFCOL also sell ice boxes and I've heard they are pretty good too, I bought an ice box from Supercrap Auto with a cushion on top and that has been good and it makes another handy seat in the tinny as well
  6. Purnong


    I think you only need flares in unprotected waters, Even with a kayak but you would need to be pretty keen to be out there in a kayakNo licence necessary to buy them though, Just wander into the local boating accessory joint and buy them, A little linky for info for youhttp://www.sa.gov.au/upload/franchise/Transport,%20travel%20and%20motoring/Boating/Recreational%20handbook/SAFETY%20EQUIPTMENT.pdfAnd Anotherhttp://www.sa.gov.au/subject/Transport,+travel+and+motoring/Boating+and+marine/Marine+publications/South+Australian+Recreational+Boating+Safety+Handbook
  7. That's a very valid point Kon, Make a stupid rule and everyone will work around it, Make a rule everyone understands the reasoning behind it and it will become second nature because it makes sense to the majority
  8. That's the problem Chief, Shark shit and what it containsAccording to the media and selected SLSA clubs Shark Shit is made up of the rotting corpses of cute small children,Lifesavers and small white furry puppiesThese things are not what shark shit should be made of and the evil fishermen should be banned and punished for making it soSame as the reason there has been so many shark attacks in WA this year is because of all the chicken carcasses being used in crab nets in Adelaide metroCan't be too careful mate
  9. Agree entirely keenfisho, That's why we need to be sure the story on AN matches the pic
  10. So what are you saying from this info Kingsley? Whats the goss on the capture and where & when it was?Happy to eat humble pie if I'm wrong
  11. Interesting that the surf club member had his children swimming in the ocean at 8PM when "the rod went off"I have been taking my kids down the beach for donkeys years and there is no way I would have them in the water at sunset and especially on a school nightLike I said earlier there is something fishy about this story, Methinks "Myth Busted"I might send the links to media watch and see if they'll pick it up
  12. Again I say where is the proof this picture is taken where they are saying it was takenIf I was a person genuinely concerned about such things and wanted to make a point I would be making sure that there were swimmers in the background or one of the jetties and probably both when taking the pictureAnd why is there no comments section on Adelaide now for this story? Something smells a little fishy about this oneThat pic could have been taken anywhere