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  1. re: smoking in a webberlight just 3 heat beadsfind approximately a matchbox full of wood to slow the burn down, wrap your wood of choice in foil (you dont need sawdust) and soak it in water for a few minutes place the foiled wet wood on the heatbeads and cover works well for chicken as welli always smoke chicken wings like this before cooking (cooked because like my fat crunchy :)i have even tried this with success in our oven. place the foiled wet wood over the lowest flame you can muster (my oven is vented to outside, dont try it if yours is not :)craig
  2. kiwi fruit makes kangaroo into mush within 4 hours so be careful how much you risk leaving overnight or for any great length of time. Id try 2 hours to start with.in fact im ging to try it right now. thanks for the tip . for some reason i had never thought of using it on squid. I always freeze mine cut up and with a dash of milk. -craig