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  1. I have always found it best to purge them in the goolwa salt water. i have port vic water and man made for my marine Aquarium and they never seem to open up in either.2 days in goolwa water and i have never had sand.cheers
  2. A woman jumped from a moving car and her husband suffered burns after a fireball from an exploding LPG gas cylinder engulfed their vehicle.(just make sure it is empty lol. or you will be the smoker).
  3. well cairns is all over for me, back to work.met up with afishyfish while up in cairns. we went out on a charter together, i will say that they dont compare with the charters we have in Adelaide.8 people on a boat, 1 keeper.we spent 2 hours collecting live bait, 2 hours in one spot with not much action, we then moved to another spot, 1 fish. we then caught somemore live bait.good to meet up with afishyfish, its a small world.All the charters i have been on, if you dont get a bite within ten minutes they move.
  4. we are one of the lucky people as well.we head to cairns today at 3pm for 7 days in the warm.have a great trip might see you up there.lol
  5. I will take a few pics of the drive on drive offIts really quite easy to make one.means you dont have to get your feet wet.
  6. I just use the winch it seems to break real easy when it gets snagged.the bolt is only finger tight, so it has some movement.I didnt make it myself, i purchased it with the boat.the same as the drive on drive off attachement.that works a treat as well.
  7. I just thought i would post a few pictures of my anchor as last weekend i saw another boat cut his anchor.I have been snagged on reefs quite a few times and the pin just breaks and the head rotates around.
  8. There is no jetty at st kilda.But People do crab from the break wall with nets.
  9. Crab meat kept in vacuum sealed bags are still great after 3 months.Just don't wash them in fresh water, put them in saltwater slurry to set the meat.Makes a nice crab meat and sweetcorn soap.Way better than the stuff you get in cans.
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