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  1. check out Motackle.com . I got one last year from there, excellent reel.
  2. Yeah it's a shame. The same thing has happened to 4wd Action. The DVD's use to have hours of 4x4 footage with a few adds in between. Now there is more adds than footage of their trip. Advertising has ruined it, I use to look forward to every issue! I can't believe Roothy would sell out like that, it seems money can buy almost anyone these day's.
  3. for sure :cheer: . hooked into a few on light gear but where all undersize.
  4. This is the craziest Jetty Game Fishing I've ever seen. Pure dedication. It's no longer these day's but up until the mid 90's this was real land based big game fishing, even catching the bait would of been a hand full. Have you ever herd of a landcruzer in low range 2nd hauling sharks up on to the jetty? Check it out - http://bluemako.customer.netspace.net.au/jetty.htm
  5. This make me sick too, we need to name and shame these people. If you see anyone around those spots using big gear just start up a chat. Just ask what bait, tackle, when and where they fish ect (act like a novice) Then ask if they have caught anything of late, where and what area. In my opinion if they are stupid enough to do something like that, they would probably say they got on to a beast and what a fight they had the other day and such a spot. Take there number plate if possible and report them. If we don't do anything nobody will and people like that give land based game fishing a bad rep. On the other side of the coin think of how many walkers, locals and business could have complained to the council, fisheries, rec fish ect
  6. In my opinion Fish Warrior is a crazy fishing show. Fishing for 2 meter plus meter Wels Catfish in a belly boat, balls out. I have never seen a belly boat, it's like a kids blow up boat with waders, crazy. He lands a 1.2 meter in it. But heads out on a real boat and eventually lands a 200lb, 8ft, Catfish. This beats was 99cm in girth too, crazy. Check it out. Has anyone used a belly boat before?
  7. Bass13

    Redfin Fly's

    Cheers Bream Reaper. I'll get out there and give it a crack
  8. Bass13

    Redfin Fly's

    Hey all I wanted to start chasing Redfin on fly's, can any point me in the right direction? I'm fairly new to fly fishing and just need some tip's to get me going. Cheers all
  9. Classic . I've seen poding in a 70's fishing book. But in the 70's they where wearing corduroy paints, woollen jumper's and fishing place's like Tennyson. You would have a death wish using it in the surf :silly:
  10. Cool vid. Back in da 80's my old boy's mate's use to balloon out for tuna and kings at rapid bay. But it's no longer due to the new jetty.
  11. Hey vajironer welcome to Strike hook. Hit the rocks and find deep water. Try using a weighted running foat, with the leader long as you can bear or fish un-weighted. It can be a mix bag off da rocks from Salmon, Flathead, Shark, ray to name a few, good luck.
  12. Try Lake Natimuk Or Toolondo is fantastic too. Try using wooley bugger, Mrs Simpson or plain nymps. Or fresh worm's and mud eye's. Good luck there is some great fishing in the wimmera region.
  13. I'm a new member of SAFWAA and it's a great club, check it out.
  14. Also old m8 at spot on tapley's hill rd seaton usally has beach worms