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  1. Dry ice works well if you look after it properly.just speak to your local supplier and they will give you ideas on how to make it last, saying that my tropical ice box normally does a few days in full sun on the deck of the boat, i just keep towel on top that i hit with the deck was from time to time to keep it wet,
  2. was using a mates Stradic fj 4000 and is felt a awesome reel, it mauled a 10kg shoals red up with ease. But the Sustain FG looks like a awesome reel, which is not too over priced as-well for what it is. Hopefully should be ready to go when the big reds rock up in late October!
  3. Wondering if anyone out there has one of the new Shimano Sustain FG, looking at one in a 4000 coupled to a t-curve 5-10kg size set up for heavy reds outfit .
  4. Yes Srick may have chucked an extra 0 by accident not sure the little Sol would take a 9450mm red :/
  5. May not be my biggest red but it was certainly my biggest on light tackle, not bad for a Wednesday night after works effort.went 9450mm and a bit over 9.2kgCaught onRod: daiwa sol 2-4kg Reel: quantum catalyst 2500Braid: 10lb sufix fuse
  6. I got a box of them cheep on a Clarence sale, fount they have not broke down to quick as long as they get rinsed, weirdest part of all they seam to attract squid, have pulled a few squid out of 60+ ft of water attached to my bloody enviro weight, god knows what there really made of then
  7. gamakatsu for kg's and most of the time for reds but had a couple bend on big reds so i rekon nothing beats owner 7- 10'0s for big reds never break never bend and last aswell
  8. Friends of mine just baught in a 29 ft sea swirl striper Pilot house from the states they welded up a cradle for it carpeted the cradle (just like a trailer with sides) and shrink wrapped the boat, the twin 225 didnt even have 100 hours on them
  9. One caught off pt Hughes in early December landed 5 over 50cm for the day and landed a bag limit in 30 min
  10. having the ability to have the work area to be well lit is also helpful certain situations and also for safety getting bug hooks stuck in a hand or foot cause of trying to work in the dark is the quickest way to turn it into a bad night!And its always the way be careful of other boats some fisho's leave their lights off to protect spots so always give caution and travel at lower speeds to normal even is the water conditions are good!
  11. i have got a cuple reels spooled u with and i have been more than impressed haven't landed any donkeys on the snapper outfit loaded up with 20 or 25 lb cant remember now the KGW outfit with 10lb has been magnificent been using if for 9 months or so now and the line looks in great nick still been surprised when snagged on some structure how good its breaking strain is!and it certainly does cast a country mile its got me sold
  12. this may mean there may be a few top end Dawia's floating around cheep in a few months :Dwe can only hope
  13. Check out a Shimano Jewel ive got a 6-10kg 2 peice baitcaster, bought it for cod up the river for C&R and trolling lures to 130mmbut ended up uinig it all last summer over the snapper season, which now has become my fav snapper combo,im using 20Lb braid which is plenty enough so unless u are thinking of targeting big reds i don't think there any point (just my View) im fair sure the Jewel's are a rader blandk with nicer grips , reel seat and better fuji guides and there are not to much more expensive.many stores stock them just pick up a jewel and feel the hand grip they are so comfy, better than t curves of similar size.and if u cant find what your looking for most stores will be able to order u in one to have a look at befor u buyand btw there round the 130-160 markCheers Tommy2 toes
  14. I have got a 601 aqua tip and man am i impressed with it first trip out as a backup snapper rod it landed a 24 pound monster red the rod was intended for panies, its a rod that out fishes its class, ive got a okuma flame 2500 on it (Courtney of fishing world mag. i must state i got the rod andit was not intended for catching fish this size more as a all rounder for some squid and deep water Kg whiting.i also have a aqua tip 682 and it is another brilliant rod, its put a few of m few graphite rods back in the rod racks at home, there a really good rod and i would be concerned casting a heaver lure at all.
  15. they have closed it off due to some rare bird breading there