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  1. Who did you go through Kelvin?
  2. Hi Guys Where do you think is the best place to get your reels serviced in Adelaide? Cheers
  3. Where did you pick up the NS rod from?
  4. Hey guys wanting to buy some reel grips like these http://masterangler.com.au/p/6624461/reel-grip.html any idea of who stocks them in SA? Cheers
  5. No doubt it will be a fun combo to use when you get on to the big ones. I know mate I have been meaning to get out wet a line and let you know but I just haven't had the time lately which sucks we'll try soon I'll give you a buzz.
  6. will be a solid set up mate, good short boat rod. I reckon you might find that it will be perfect set up for Victor Tuna but maybe a little light for the big kings if you are lucky enough to find a few
  7. I think they will have to release a new model pretty quick as I believe Alan Hawk's review really hurt their sales and the stella's reputation
  8. Alan Hawk has found some images of what these reels will look like for anyone interested. http://www.alanhawk.com/misc/6757554.jpg http://www.alanhawk.com/misc/435566.jpg Cheers
  9. I am currently running a 950 slammer on it, not an ideal combo choice but I do plan on getting a new reel for the sensor and a big wilson for the slammer.
  10. I haven't had an issue with mine mate
  11. Not sure mate, haven't used one, but am pretty keen on getting one I reckon
  12. Maybe check out the Shimano ocea jiggers as well mate, they do have a star drag but all the reviews say they are faultless and a little cheaper as well. You might want a slightly shorter rod if you are going to be primarily fishing from a boat. I have heard the Talica are awesome, I would suggest the 16 would be the ideal size to cross over as many applications as possible, the single speed is meant to be better for jigging but the 2 speed would probably be better for all other applications.
  13. Double uni works for me with my light surf outfits for lure casting
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