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  1. Check out Rangers boat in the for sales Quintrex 4.8m Centre Console
  2. appreciate all the info guy's, one day when finances are good I might look into giving one a go.
  3. Not a bad read there archerfish thanks for that. Hoping to avoid the Holden vs ford debate but will not be surprised if it comes out
  4. ok guy's I am after some info about baitcast vs spinning reels. I have had a bit of a search through the forum and couldn't really find anything. I am not asking which is a better reel because I believe they both have there own uses. I am probably 50/50 land based and boat fisherman (learner fisherman). I have always used spinning reels because that is what I know, I have no dramas with them and quite comfortable using them. However I am open to new ideas and quite often see people using baitcasters. 90% of the time when I fish (salt water) I am using bait. Please correct me if I am wrong, am
  5. ws down there (Pondi) last sunday and there were to commodores with boat trailers attached minus the boats. Not sure if they backed all the way in or not, they weren't there when we went out in the morning.
  6. jharli

    squid jags

    I wish I knew, that way I would stop buying the bloody things. Ikeep changing them until I find one that works on the day, eachtime is different.
  7. nice pics Kat, love looking at a good sunset
  8. jharli

    Squid jags

    thanks for the replies people, i will go and have a play and see what i can do. The jig i think cost probably about $12-$15, the other ones would have been cheaper ones. Don't mind so much when it is the $2 ones that come apart (you get what you pay for). Tips much appreciated.
  9. jharli

    Squid jags

    sorry should add that i tried to do a search on the forum but the link wasn't working (we are having big internet problems at the moment)
  10. Hey guy's, i bought a couple of new sqid jags last week to add to the collection before heading down to Pt Turton for the weekend, after casting one out twice, i managed to land a squid but noticed the cloth wrapped around it was coming away. Is this something that you guys glue back down and if so what do you use? I am not sure whether the cloth flopping around is going to be a distraction or not. I kept using it on and off for the weekend when trying different colours, I am not sure if I actually got another squid on that particular jag or not. Anyway I noticed that I have a few jags there w
  11. long way to go for a short time, if you don't reckon you will get back there again any time in the near future take the boat, otherwise as AFF said you could make this one a trip to sus things out. Take a drive around to Scaeles Bay while you are there, very deep water, close to shore straight out from the ramp.
  12. very similar to pin point's with the tuna, drain tuna, 1/2 cup sr flour, salt and pepper, onion, egg, 1/2 cup milk and some lemon juice. We normally through some peas and corn in the mix aswell (generally the kids can,t be bothered spending the time to pick it out). if you can cut the fish really fine then this sort of thing should work okay. Very quick.
  13. okay guys thinking i would like to start smoking some fish (yes i know they are buggers to get lit). I am after info on what people use for smoking (webers, store bought smokers etc)or if anybody has made their own. Looking at previous threads i have found brine recipies which look interesting. Where do you get your woodchips or sawdust from is that something you buy from the likes of bbq's galore and on that subject is there chips or sawdust that should not be used. I should probably keep digging through olod posts but out at Lewiston our internet is horribly slow. Thanks in advance.
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